Could Ireland save the West again?

(Did I go too far in describing the EU as a “totalitarian superstate”? The question is discussed at What’s Wrong with the World. The answer: no.)

I don’t like to get hopes up that can be so easily dashed, but this is news. The fancifully named Guido Fawkes’ Blog reports an encouraging poll about to come out in the Irish Times concerning Ireland’s upcoming referendum on the treaty that will turn Europe into a superstate.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The latest opinion poll on the Lisbon Referendum is showing the “No” side surging ahead in a dramatic reversal of opinion. The TNS/mrbi poll in tomorrow’s Irish Times shows opponents of the Treaty with a 5 percent lead over those in favour.

Up to now, opinion polls on the Referendum campaign have consistently shown the “Yes” side ahead, although opponents have been closing the gap. But now the “No” side has done more than that, surging into a commanding lead with just a week to polling day.

The poll shows the “Yes” side at 30 percent, down five points since their last poll three weeks ago, while the “No” side is at 35 percent, up a staggering 17 percent, with “Don’t Knows” down 12 at 35 percent.

If that result is repeated next week, the political establishment is heading for a crushing defeat and the Lisbon Treaty is dead.

Could Ireland save European civilisation again? We are a contrary people

* * *

I’ve said this before but I have to say it again. Could there be anything more despicable than American “conservatives” who constantly bleat about FREEDOM, saying that FREEDOM is the greatest thing in the world, that FREEDOM is what America is all about, that we must constantly be on guard to defend FREEDOM, that we must have mass non-Europen immigratoin to show our belief in FREEDOM, and that we must spread FREEDOM everywhere, even to alien peoples completely unsuited for it, yet who have remained STONE COLD SILENT about the onset of a totalitarian superstate in the cradle of our own civilization?

The established U.S. “conservatives” are WORTHLESS. They’re played out. They stand for nothing except a malign and absurd ideology. They should just go away.

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