Pipes discovers the “smart” Islamists—and says we can’t stop them

Worth a re-read: from December 2006, a discussion about Daniel Pipes’s worries that non-violent Islam may be more dangerous to the West than violent Islam.

Notice that as long as Pipes was focusing on the fictional problem of “radical, militant” Islam, rather than on the real problem which is Islam itself, he stated with assurance that we could defeat this threat. But as soon as he re-articulated the problem as “non-violent Islamism,” i.e., as the real problem, which is Islam itself, he says we are helpless against it.

* * *

Also see the correction, dated July 27, 2008, that I’ve added to the linked entry. I had earlier thought that Pipes, in the copy at his website of his 2001 Commentary article on Islam, deleted the reference to the danger of Muslim immigration that had been in the original article. This is not correct, as his warning on Muslim immigration had appeared in his February 2002 responses to readers, not in the original article. However, as I point out, it remains the case that since February 2002 he has never repeated his warnings about Muslim immigration.

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