A new blog cataloguing black-on-white crime

A VFR reader writes:

This whole Trayvon Martin case hysteria of white racist boogeymen behind every tree got me so worked up that I decided to launch a blog. It is called “The Big Lie on Parade: A daily roundup of the ever increasing black Intifada.” It will not be a blog in the traditional sense, but more of a repository of links to black-on-white and other non-white violent crimes across the globe. A daily roundup as it were with very little commentary from myself. I may or may not even allow comments. Tips from VFR readers and others will be enormously helpful.

Here is the first entry, posted today:

Two arrested in brutal attack on newspaper delivery men

Two have been arrested for the kidnapping, rape, robbery and stabbing of two newspaper delivery men in the State of Tennessee. Two more are being sought. All the perps had thick African accents the victims could not understand. One, aged 15 is named “Tut Tut” and the other “Doul Wal”. Race of victims cannot be determined but clues lead me to believe they were either white or non-black.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 28, 2012 03:00 PM | Send

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