Sarkozy’s advice to Netanyahu

President Sarkozy’s astonishing (and as far as I can recall, unprecedented) behavior toward Prime Minister Netanyahu reminds us of two realities: that in the eyes of the entire (left-liberal) world, Israel is a uniquely illegitimate country; and that France is an ally of the Moslem world against Israel.

The story is in Ha’aretz:

Sarkozy urges Netanyahu: Get rid of Lieberman
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “get rid” of hard-line Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Channel Two reported on Monday.

The Foreign Ministry responded to the report by lambasting the French leader for his “intolerable intervention in internal Israeli affairs.”

Sarkozy spent a good portion of his meeting with Netanyahu last Wednesday discussing the composition of the Israeli official, according to the report. The presence of three other Israeli officials at the meeting did not deter the French leader from expressing his true opinion of the foreign minister, said Channel Two.

The French president reportedly told Netanyahu that while he usually scheduled talks with Israel’s top foreign envoys on visit to Paris he could not bring himself to meet with Lieberman. According to Channel Two, this statement was accompanied by disparaging hand gestures.

Sarkozy then advised Netanyahu to fire Lieberman and bring former foreign minister Tzipi Livni back into the coalition, according to the report. Netanyahu reportedly told Sarkozy that Lieberman came across differently in private than his public appearances would suggest.

French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen also comes across as a nice person in private, Sarkozy reportedly responded, to which Netanyahu replied that Lieberman was not Le Pen and that there was no basis for comparison. Sarkozy then responded that he did not intend to compare.

The prime minister’s bureau did not respond to Sarkozy’s remarks nor deny them, but the office of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman did respond with a strong condemnation.

“If the words attributed to the president of France are correct, the interference of a president of a respected democratic state in the matters of another democratic state is a grave and intolerable thing. We expect that that regardless of political stance, every political body in Israel will condemn this callous attack by a foreign state in our domestic affairs.”

Meanwhile MK Ahmed Tibi welcomed Sarkozy’s comments, saying that he hopes “the international community has started to absorb the danger of the fascism” being taught by Lieberman.

]End of article]

Tiberge of Galliawatch comments:

Sarkozy’s “advice” is typical of a left-winger: to him all those who are not on the left are the same, despite radical differences. Thus he compares the anti-Semite Le Pen, who has certain justified claims to being a patriot and a nationalist (two things Sarkozy hates), with an Israeli patriot who has been making the very concessions Sarkozy has been urging Israel to make!

Sarkozy never stops mixing things up, spreading confusion of values.

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