The fruits of Muslim freedom—Yay Bush! Yay America!…

uh, Death to America:
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP)—Hundreds of thousands of Shiites chanting “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” marched through the streets of Baghdad’s biggest Shiite district Friday in a show of support for Hezbollah militants battling Israeli troops in Lebanon.

Now let’s try to sum up at least part of the meaning of what has happened here. The neoconservatives, a predominantly Jewish group of Cold War liberals, have been the principal promoters of President Bush’s Muslim democratization campaign, as a direct result of which hundreds of thousands of Shi’ites in the U.S.-liberated, U.S.-occupied, and U.S.-empowered country of Iraq are now freely marching under the slogans “Death to Israel,” “Death to America.” Those same Jewish neoconservatives have also been the chief promoters of America’s post-1965 non-discriminatory immigration policy, as a direct result of which every Jewish institution in this country must now be surrounded by layers of security to prevent Muslims who are in this country solely due to that immigration policy from murdering Jews, as happened in Seattle last week. Yet these same Jewish neoconservatives are still as arrogantly full of themselves—and as far away from having a single second thought about the catastrophes their liberal universalist beliefs have caused—as they have ever been.

It’s often said that liberal Jews are suicidal. But why must they drag the rest of us along with them?

(Note: Another AP story, also dated August 4, put the number of marchers in Baghdad at “tens of thousands” rather than hundreds of thousands.)

* * *

Judith writes:

Liberals may start out as eager to do good. When they realize their lofty visions are faulty, rather than renounce them, they redouble their zeal. They begin to hate life and the truth for “letting them down,” so to speak. They hate life for not being what they want it to be, and so they start to destroy it and they become homicidal.

Intellectual pride forbids liberals from admitting they’re wrong and sets them on a path of revenge. They don’t care if they die, PROVIDED everyone else dies too.

Randall Parker at ParaPundit quotes the above blog entry and comments:
The Arabs do not believe in the equality of man. Liberalism is not a universal philosophy for all of humanity. Liberals who support mass immigration are supporting suicide of their own culture. If I could separate myself and other non-liberals from them I would. But I’m stuck going down with them and I heavily resent them for doing this to the rest of us.

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