Contra Trump

Andrea C. writes:

Trump seemed incoherent to me in his interview with Hannity. There were no substantive answers on anything. I also agree that people have a legitimate right to want to see Obama’s birth certificate and all his other documents and writings, diplomas, etc and I agree that the mystery surrounding these is setting off alarms. But in Trump I don’t see any there there. Repeatedly his answers just rambled off into nothing. I could watch it again and pick them out one by one. The one that stands out in my memory is why he like Reagan—it devolved into seeing Reagan in a tux at the Lincoln memorial and that just “did it” for him. I think he would be nothing without the media promoting him; this is the same way that Obama is nothing w/out the media. I had enjoyed his swipes against Obama on the birth certificate issue. But I recoiled from him the other day when he said that if he didn’t get the nomination he would run as an independent. That move would guarantee Obama is reelected. He can’t be on fire about the dire situation in America if he would think that way, recklessly, and he hasn’t even gotten in the race yet. He was asked about that and backpedaled, but his answer was basically that he would go by the polls, i.e. his own popularity—not be guided by the things he wanted to fight for.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 17, 2011 09:44 AM | Send

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