One nation, under blacks

I just came upon something I said about Mel Gibson’s troubles last July which is worth re-posting:

Again, Gibson said any number of extremely offensive things in his surreptitiously recorded private phone conversation with his former girl friend, including telling her that with the way she dressed she deserved to be gang raped. But the thing that got him in trouble, the thing that has all the tongues wagging, the thing that has scandalized the world, the thing that has people saying his movie career is over, was his single use of the word “niggers.” Some of the news stories even said that Gibson punched his ex-mistress in the mouth and broke her two front upper teeth. Yet in every story in which that charge has appeared, it is way down in the article, as a distant afterthought compared to the only news that really matters—his use of the “N” word. Is any further proof needed that the worst crime in liberal society—worse than disgusting invective, worse than wishing for a woman to be gang-raped, worse than punching a woman in the mouth and knocking her teeth out—is for a white person to say anything discriminatory about black people?

We used to be a nation under God. Now we’re a nation under blacks.

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October 27

Mark Jaws writes:

I am going to play devil’s advocate with you. What would happen to a big black movie star such as Will Smith if he were caught having referred to whites as “honkey MF-ers.” I think he too would be toast. Dark toast. Don’t you agree?

LA replies:

I am having difficulty in relating to this hypothetical. There simply is not a body of instances in which black celebrities have gotten in trouble for using racial terms about whites.

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