The bow, encore

Here it is again. The tape goes by very quickly, and to make sure I was seeing it clearly I watched it about seven times in a row. It is astounding, I don’t think anyone has ever seen anything like it. You can be sure that in the 233 years of American Independence, no American official, let alone a President of the United States, has bowed from the waist like that until his back was parallel with the floor, let alone did it to the king of a tyrannical foreign kingdom.

There is no doubt as to what Obama was expressing through this extravagant bow. Obama’s loyalty is not to the United States, but to foreign peoples and powers—not necessarily Islamic powers, but any powers that are different from, alien to, or hostile to America. Since Islam is the most different, most alien, and most hostile, it receives Obama’s deepest deference.

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Mike Berman writes:

Just compare. A Tale of Two Bows, starring Barack Obama.

Kidist Paulos Asrat writes from Canada:

I’m so glad you finally commented on the astounding—your word—nature of the bow. I found it weird, scary, shocking, disturbing and many more such adjectives. Obama brought a totally alien practice into our imagery (I think he has done it before—maybe growing up in Indonesia?).

I think this bow is another of Obama’s revealing moments, when his actions (the visuals) speak so much more than words. I don’t think his bow was consciously thought out, but something deep in his psyche made him do it. Hence the scary part.

LA replies:

Is is true that the mainstream TV news stations did not show the bow?

LA writes:

One of the widely reproduced still photographs of the bow was from behind, so that one couldn’t be sure what Obama was doing. But this video shows Obama from the side, and there is absolutely no doubt of what he is doing. That there has been a controversy as to whether he bowed or not, with many liberals, and I think some “conservatives” as well, denying that he bowed, is as clear proof as one could imagine that many liberals are full-bore Orwellians who will accept and excuse totalitarianism—or submission to some foreign culture or religion—if it comes.

Kidist writes:

Regarding your comment about the denials, it’s not just liberals who are denying the bow, but also the White House Press Secretary (who I presume was told by Obama to do so). I personally think that Obama shocked even himself by this automatic behavior.

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