Is Israel as anti-majority as the U.S.?

Mark A. writes:

This is not a defense of Kevin MacDonald. I know nothing about him except what I’ve read at VFR. However, reading your post about him made me think about Israel.

Does Israel have legalized racism and discrimination against Jewish citizens in favor of all non-Jews, in the same manner that the United States has legalized racism and discrimination against all white citizens in favor of all non-whites (including non-citizens) via affirmation action, busing, housing laws, etc?

LA replies:

I believe your point is as follows. I castigated MacDonald for saying that Israeli politics are dominated by Zionist racial nationalism. And your question is, if Israel does not have racial nationalism, but is liberal like the U.S., does the majority group in Israel allow itself to be subjected to a pro-minority double standard as is the case in the U.S.?

It’s an unusual question. This reply comes to mind.

Israel set the Palestinians up in their own quasi state in the expectation that this would lead to a real Palestinian state via negotiations, while year after year Israel allowed the Palestinians grossly to violate their obligations under the peace process, keeping their destroy-Israel provision in their constitution, maintaining a culture and infrastructure of terror, carrying out terror, and so on. Within months of the signing of the Oslo accords in September 1993, Palestinian suicide bombers began blowing up buses in Jerusalem, yet Israel kept moving forward with the peace process. That sounds like the pro-minority, anti-majority double standard we have, doesn’t it?

Israel allows Arabs to vote and to serve in the Knesset, even though the Arabs are enemies of Israel. That sounds like the pro-minority, anti-majority double standard we have, doesn’t it?

The present Israeli government plans to release 450 Arab terrorists in exchange for one Israeli hostage. That sounds like … well, you get the idea…

Mark A. replies:

That is amazing.

Do you think Jewish politics trends towards the utopian? There must be some cultural inclination towards this, no? This is very confusing and disturbing. With this information, it appears that Jewish leaders in the U.S. and in Israel somehow believe that by enabling their enemies, they will somehow be pacified. On the other hand, I could never imagine Jewish leaders enabling anti-Semitic Gentiles, despite their willingness to enable anti-Semitic Arabs. I don’t know if I’ll ever understand all of this.

LA replies:

It sounds as though you haven’t been following the Israel-Palestinian “peace process” very much. And yes, the Jewish people certainly contains the largest proportion of utopians of any ethnic group on earth.

As to your second question, yes, many Jews fear white gentiles more than they fear Muslims, as I discussed in my 2004 FrontPage article, “Why Jews Welcome Muslims.” In the context of America, this is unforgivable. In the context of Europe, it’s more understandable, because of millennia old anti-Semitism, but it’s still wrong. Jews along with everyone else subscribe to the myth of benevolent historical Islam which was more tolerant of Jews than were Christians. As Andrew Bostom has explained, this view is based on a very selective, and also Judeo-centric, reading of history, in which the worst Christian treatment of Jews is compared with the best Islamic treatment of Jews, and also Muslims’ treatment of other groups, such as Zoroastrians and Hindus, is ignored.

Mark A. replies:

Thanks for these articles. They are very helpful. I have heard this Judeo-centric reading of history before. I have had numerous Jewish friends tell me that the Jews and Muslims co-existed peacefully for hundreds of years.

And I don’t mind you saying that I haven’t been following the Israel-Palestinian “peace process.” Perhaps I have “peace process” fatigue. I never took it seriously that Israel would actually allow a Palestinian state. The idea was so insane that I never thought the Israelis were serious. It appears I was mistaken!

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