To protect oneself and one’s family, or to be “racist”: the inescapable moral dilemma of whites in a racially integrated society

Over the years VFR has pointed to various incidents in which whites have exposed themselves to black violence, and even to rape and murder at the hands of blacks, because, according to these white individuals’ own accounts, they didn’t want to appear “racist.” (See, for example, this and this.) VFR readers are themselves not immune to such moral pressures. In the latest comment on the stabbing and mini-riot at the National Zoo in Washington yesterday, James N. says that he brought his family into the Zoo, notwithstanding his qualms about African American Family Day, because he didn’t want to appear “racist” in front of his children, and so ended up exposing them to a dangerous and frightening situation.

Update: As my own contribution to the topic that James raised, I’ve suggested some things that a person in James’s situation could have said to avoid going to the Zoo that day that would not have involved expressing to one’s children concerns about black violence.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 26, 2011 05:14 PM | Send

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