Nationwide pushback against the homosexualist tyranny

Alan M. (who lives in southern California) writes:

I just got back from taking my family to Chick-fil-a. The lineups for walk in and drive-through had waits of more than 30 minutes each. The manager said it had been like that all day long and they will likely do four days of business in one. They had to limit the menu to a few items because they had run out of all food by noon and kept on going to the warehouse to get more. It was quite a festive environment. The most often overheard phrase, “They have just taken things too far and I won’t be silent anymore.” My wife noted that the staff were not normal fast food staff (i.e. they were mostly non-Hispanic) and were very friendly and committed to the company because of the good causes the company supports. I’m not a big fan of their food but this is a nice company.

Doug H. writes:

My daughter called to tell me that the Chic Fil A near her home in El Paso was so packed they were taking orders outside the restaurant. The drive-through line took her almost a hour. The Fort Walton Beach restaurant was exactly the same. People waiting in line were all very friendly even in the intense heat. It restored my hope in the people of this country only if for a moment.

Alan M. writes:

I just saw an article at Hot Air about Rick Warren saying that Dan Cathy (head of Chick-Fil-A) had told him the company had set a world record. The manager I was talking to said the restaurant closest to Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church was sold out well before noon and had the largest crowds.

D. Edwards writes:

A free market “Tea Party” took place today. No destruction but enthusiastic embrace of the free market by millions of citizens. This is what November looks like in the dog days of summer 2012.

Wesley L. writes:

I live in an average-sized city in east Tennessee. At our local Chik-fil-A, I saw a line of cars backed up a quarter-mile down the road, as they waited for their turns at the drive-through window. The parking lot was packed like a can of sardines. I witnessed the crowd for over an hour as I was in the area running some errands. When I left, there was no end in sight to the phenomenon.

LA replies:

That’s impressive. Think of how unpleasant it is wait on a long line, let alone a quarter-mile long line. Think of what we would ordinarily do to avoid being stuck in such a line. Yet here are people voluntarily undergoing that inconvenience in order to make a political statement against the homosexualist tyranny. That’s very moving. It could make one believe in the American people again. Or rather the white, non-liberal American people, since how how many nonwhites and how many whites who identify as liberals are participating in this pro Chick-Fil-a demonstration?

August 2

Dan R. writes:

I arrived at the Westfield/Franklin Park mall in Toledo just before 12:30, where the Chick-fil-A is located in the food court. I walked the length of the line and made a rough count of around 500 people! It wasn’t until 2:15 that I was able to order! Afterwards, I walked the length of the line again and saw its end was still at the same point as when I had arrived. I’m confident there were over a thousand people who ordered there today. They tended toward the older side (though there were young people), and were friendly, spirited, and well-behaved. Most, but certainly not all of the crowd seemed to be local. I had traveled ninety minutes to be there, so was surprised to meet someone from my small town, whom I’d never met before, just a few spots behind me in line. It was, as you suspected, a largely (though not entirely) white group. The general attitude among those I spoke with reflected frustration that an upstanding business could be attacked as it has merely on the basis of a political position they’ve taken. Plus, as a heavily religious crowd, I think they were rather baffled trying to come to grips with how “gay marriage” could have gained so much traction over the past few years. Mainly, however, it was a quiet, massive, dignified statement that things had simply gone too far. All in all, I enjoyed the time I spent on the line—a wonderful group of people—and left the mall with a feeling of hope, and the words “silent majority” in my mind.

Kevin A. writes:

I know you despise us all, but I wanted to let you know that at least two homosexuals went to CFA yesterday, and it was not to protest. My partner and I support Mr Cathy’s opinion. He is right: marriage is between a man and a woman. What we have is a life-long commitment and don’t care what it is called. The ones demanding our commitment be called “marriage” are just raising trouble that is not necessary.

LA replies:

I don’t think I have ever written anything that has expressed or implied contempt for homosexual persons as such.

Dan R. writes:

I think Kevin’s position is admirable. He’s basically placing himself outside of those whose desire is to attack and destroy the Christian basis of western civilization, and I applaud him for that.

I’ve met conservatives who really do “despise” homosexuals, but I don’t consider myself one of those and have never thought of you, Larry, in that way either.

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