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There are over 200 comments, spread over 18 web pages (though now I hear it’s gone up to 25), following Alex Pareene’s hit-job on Matt Drudge at Salon. I’ve read some of them, and am disappointed that no one pointed out what was to me the worst and most obvious flaw in the article: that Pareene accused Drudge of an anti-black agenda, while all that Drudge actually did was to link news articles. Drudge did not SAY anything—literally. And therefore he did not SAY anything about blacks. Also, none of the articles he posted, which described the various incidences of mayhem in cities along the East Coast, said anything about “blacks.” They just referred to “youths,” etc. Yet Pareene calls Drudge a disgusting racist.

So, once again, if the media (religiously avoiding the word “black” though using photos and videos which do not lie) report black flash mob attacks on retail stores, black mob violence that forces the closing of recreation areas, a wave of black violent crime in Myrtle Beach, and similar incidents in many U.S. cities on Memorial Day weekend, if you run a news web site and you NOTICE this remarkable and alarming phenomenon and you LINK the various news articles, THAT ALONE makes you a bad, hateful human being. If you SEE negative realities, and they are about blacks, and you DRAW PEOPLE’S ATTENTION to them, you are anti-black. You are what—according to some of the Salon commenters—all Republicans are, a racist.

The Martin Luther King of August 1963 would not have agreed, since he said we should judge people by the content of their character; and to link news articles showing blacks engaging in criminal, violent, mob-like anti-social behavior in many U.S. cities in the midst of a holiday weekend is to judge them by the content of their character, or rather it’s just to report their actions. However, I think that the King of 1967 and 1968 might have agreed with Salon’s condemnation of Drudge, because by then King had become an anti-American racial socialist.

A lot of the comments at Salon consist of name-calling between liberal and non-liberal readers, but there are also useful comments. I came upon this substantive comment that provides some facts and links on race and crime.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 06:49 PM ET

maybe you naive white liberals missed it:

New York Times—New York City Interactive Homicide Map:

Blacks = 61% of the killers, 60% of the victims

Whites = 7% of the killers, 8% of the victims

New York City demographic data:

Blacks = 26% of NYC population

Whites = 35% of NYC population

What about the white liberal “progressive” paradise of Seattle (only 8% black in total)?

Logically, black males make up only 3% of Seattle. Guess what! Over half of all murders in Seattle are committed black males (14 of the 28 in 2008, 12 of the 21 in 2009, & 7 of the 17 in 2010—most of the other homicides in Seattle that were committed by non-blacks in those years were committed by latinos and asians). See the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s annual year-end homicide tally articles for in-depth articles about every homicide in super-liberal Seattle.

Perhaps you naive sheltered white ivory-tower “progressives” at Salon should check out the Los Angeles Homicide Blog once in a while, it is quite an eye-opener, they report the race of victims and also the killers whenever possible!

According to the US Department of Justice and the FBI, approximately 5,000 to 8,000 black people are murdered in the USA every year, and at least 94% of their murderers are also black.

Murders in the USA in 2009

White murderers = 5,286 (33.5% of the murderers in the USA in 2009)

Black murderers = 5,890 (37.4% of the murderers in the USA in 2009)

Now I know most of you naive white liberals probably think the USA is something like 50% white and 50% black, because that is what you see portrayed on tv shows and advertisements, but the reality is that the USA is about 75% white and only about 13% black. This means that blacks commit murder at a rate of about 5 to 7 times the rate that whites commit murder, depending on the year.

Before all you naive white sheltered liberal “progressives” at Salon start going “yeah but whites make up most of the child molesters”, please be aware of the following fact:

Be aware that the FBI and USDOJ count non-white Mestizos (the ethnic term for most of the “Mexicans” or “Latinos” or “Hispanics” in the USA) as being WHITE in the “Offender” category (but not in the “Victim” category for some reason), which unfairly raises the reported “white crime rate” much higher than it actually is.

Almost every Police Department in the USA also do the same thing.

Just about every state and local agency does this. Here are some examples from Washington state. Do this guy “GERONIMO RIOS RAMIREZ” listed with the Yakima County Sherrif’s Office Sex Offender page look white to you???

Nope, he is not white, you liberals would call him a “person of color”!

Search for yourself.

The Washington State Patrol does the exact same thing. Go to their “Most Wanted” page and check out all the amazing diversity there! Then click on one of the brown, non-white latino mexican whatevers. THEY ARE CLASSIFIED AS BEING “WHITE”!

How about Texas, where all the rednecks live?

Go look at the Texas Sex Offender Registry:

Search by any zip code (75214 or 75247 is a good start) you choose and choose a sex offender with an obviously Spanish name and look at his photo and compare it with his racial classification. Notice anything funny??? The sex offender is classified as “white” even though he is a brown, non-white, “latino/hispanic/chicano/mestizo/choose your favorite politically-correct term” “person of color”, and OBVIOUSLY NOT a white guy.

Well over half of all the so-called “white” sex offenders listed there ARE NOT ACTUALLY WHITE AT ALL but are the kind of people that white liberals love to call “people of color”.

This unfair and inaccurate classification of non-whites as being “white” wrongly inflates the “white crime rate”, especially “white sex offender rate” FAR HIGHER than it actually is in reality.

—Reality is Ugly Read Reality is Ugly’s other letters

- end of initial entry -

Robert B. writes:

In the Salon comments forum, on page 10, there is a great response by MariaQstreet.

On page 9 chio uses your The First Law of Majority-Minority Relations in Liberal Society

And its up to 25 pages now.

Robert continues:

At the top of page 7, under the title “NO MORE HATE-FACTS!!!”, a commenter with a Roman name has a direct quotation of your entry.

LA replies

Fantastic. My extended reply to Pareene, complete with my bolded interspersed comments.

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