Liberals’ good cop / bad cop routine, a.k.a. the Phony Mainstream

Alan Roebuck writing at Orthosphere expands on the good cop / bad cop technique by which the liberal revolution legitimizes and advances itself:

In every area where the revolution is fighting, leftist “good cops” are employed to deny what most people can sense. The “good cop” reassures the general public that society is not being radically changed, but is still what it has always been, and that the seemingly radical changes are only minor readjustments designed to promote basic fairness and decency, along with bringing society into compliance with the latest findings of “research.” But the “bad cop,” when he is before an audience of the faithful, speaks more honestly. He confirms what intuition makes plain: that the goal of the Left is radical, destructive change, and that if you oppose or even question this change, you are regarded as an Enemy of the People.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 22, 2012 05:06 PM | Send

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