A Unified Theory of Breivik

In the previous entry I said, “How many dimensions of this guy are there, all of which we have to analyze as possible causative factors in his act of mass murder?” Philip M. writes in reply:

Why the confusion? Breivik was clearly a neo-Nazi, pro-Zionist, Christian-fundamentalist, pro-homosexual, Darwinian-Atheist, pan-European-Nordicist, radical conservative Freemason, and a lone wolf working as part of a shadowy cell of right-wing extremists who have been primed as part of a false-flag operation to discredit the Tea Party movement, the EDL, and the gun lobby. He was Norway’s answer to Baruch Goldstein, Timothy McVeigh, Seung Hui Cho, and the Unabomber. Coming generations will view him as a hero and a traitor whose intelligence is matched only by his stupidity.

The correct response of those on the right, whom he in no way represents anyway, is to say that we utterly condemn him and totally understand him, pray that this never happens again, and arm for the coming civil war. In the long term we may well find that his actions discredit the right forever whilst forcing its ideas into the mainstream.

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James N. writes:

He probably went over the edge when he saw Sarah Palin shoot that caribou.

LA replies:

Yes, that ties the Unified Theory all together.

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