Zimmerman had facial injuries, and the FBI is thinking of charging him with hate crime. Not a non sequitur!

ABC News reports that George Zimmerman had a broken nose, two black eyes, and lacerations to the back of the head the morning after his confrontation with Trayvon Martin.

What difference does it make? Zimmerman is guilty. Black-liberal America says he is.

Consider the fact that the FBI is considering bringing hate-crime charges against Zimmerman, for which, in combination with the underlying second degree murder charge, he could receive capital punishment. Absurd, you say? But consider this. As told in Reuters’s important article, “George Zimmerman: Prelude to a Shooting,” The Retreat at Twin Lakes had experienced a series of burglaries and other crimes, all of them done by blacks in the instances where the race of the perpetrator was identified. In a recent case two blacks had broken into a home while the woman of the house hid from them in terror. And in another case a suspected burglar had gotten away because the police were so slow to respond. So the community was on edge. Zimmerman was on edge. He didn’t want another intruder to escape. Now what race were all the intruders? Black. So Zimmerman had it in for blacks. He was targeting blacks. So when he reported Martin’s presence to 911, and then (as the prosecutor stated in her affidavit) followed him, confronted him, and killed him, he was racially motivated. So this was a hate crime. If you try to stop criminals from coming into your community, and the criminals are all black, you are acting out of hatred of blacks, and any violence that results is a hate crime.

Don’t be quick to dismiss what I’m saying. I am simply presenting the underlying reasoning of the liberals who run our society and all its institutions, including the State Attorney’s Office of Florida, the FBI, and the major media.

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A reader sends the information that Trayvon Martin had injuries to his knuckles. Well of course he had injuries to his knuckles! He was an unarmed 17 year old black child and a white racist followed him, confronted him, and sought to kill him. So how else could he defend himself from this hate crime except with his knuckles? Sheez, what is wrong with you people?

It’s time to stop using Auster’s First Law of Majority-Minority Relations under Liberalism (e.g., the worse blacks behave, the more racist whites are for noticing it) as a criticism of liberal society and instead accept it as the TRUTH. If all the recent burglars in the Twin Lakes community were black, and if Zimmerman wanted to stop the burglaries, then he was targeting blacks, and he is a racist. If black mobs are assaulting whites throughout this country with no other intent than to cause them disfiguring injuries or death, and if you want the media to print the truth about this, then you want bad things to be said about blacks, and therefore you are a racist. It’s time to get with the program and stop resisting the truth.

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Buck (who sent the item about the lacerations on Trayvon’s knuckles) writes:

Thank you sir. You’re so right. Now I actually do feel unburdened and “set free.”

James N. writes:

That racist bastard! It wasn’t enough to shoot poor Trayvon, he had to mess up his knuckles, too!

Patrick H. writes:

I have come to see the error of my ways. To repent, I would like to form white flash mobs which, in solidarity with black flash mobs, will attack other white people. This way, blacks will not have to place themselves in danger of physical harm (if one of the racists fights back) or arrest by our racist criminal justice system. The real question is why and how white America has let the black need for racial justice (expressed through “direct action” in the form of flash mobs) go unfulfilled. White indifference has caused flash mobs. This indifference has, in turn, caused black people to do something they should never have to do — which is anything at all. I’m tired of seeing blacks put themselves in jeopardy because of white laziness and indifference. Blacks should not have to beat up whites. Whites should do it for them. This way black youth will be freed up to do much needed work in theoretical physics, continental philosophy, and the blues.

Paul K. writes:

You wrote: “If you try to stop criminals from coming into your community, and the criminals are all black, you are acting out of hatred of blacks, and any violence that results is a hate crime.”

Anyone who doubts that this is precisely the attitude of liberals should consider their attitude about illegal immigration, where their logic train is even more explicit: “If you oppose illegal immigration, and most illegal immigrants are non-white, you are acting out of hatred of non-whites and therefore immigration enforcement is a hate crime.”

LA replies:

Indeed it is precisely the attitude of liberals. And one of the things that crystalized this insight for me was Charleston Conservative Examiner writer Kyle Rogers’s May 9 article in which he interviewed Newark Star-Ledger reporter James Queally over the latter’s admitted deliberate concealment of the race of the perpetrators and victims in a recent attack outside a concert arena where blacks caused serious facial injuries to several whites. Like Fox News’ interview with Virginian-Pilot editor Dennis Finley, Queally’s stated reasons for his cover-up, and his characterizations of the people who want the truth to be published, made more clear than ever the nature of the thought process of liberals on the subject of black violence. I’ve been wanting to write about this in detail for the last few days but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

LA continues:

By the way, the correct name of the paper is Virginian-Pilot, not Virginia-Pilot. I’ve been spelling it incorrectly and will have to go back and change the spelling in several entries.

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