Because I am the object of the massed intercessory prayer, I felt it would not be appropriate for me to participate in it, praying for myself. I felt I should not intrude my own wishes, will, and words into the process. I felt that my role was to be passive in relation to what was being done for me. So, after lighting a candle, I lay quietly on my back with my head slightly raised, as I do about 21 hours out of 24 lately, and simply focused on Jesus Christ, filling my mind with him. I didn’t think about myself or my problems at all. I just attended to the joyful presence of Christ, meditating on his qualities. He is eternally present and accessible to those who turn toward him, and his eternal action is to do those things that please the Father. Namely, his work is to heal man of his sins and diseases.

Of course the shared prayer does not have to be Christian. Kristor’s second, shorter prayer is non-denominational.

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Robert B. writes:

I have never asked God for anything for myself in my entire life. I have always felt that it was somehow not quite right. I have only ever prayed for those that I knew needed His help—His love, His kindness, His light.

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