Bachmann still kicking

Michele Bachmann was interviewed this morning by Bob Schieffer on the coming withdrawal of the remaining U.S. troops from Iraq. While I of course do not want U.S. troops stationed in Iraq or any Muslim country, within the parameters of actual U.S. foreign policy (with which I completely disagree) and actual security concerns, especially the concerns about Iranian domination of Iraq, she made a good case that this withdrawal is a big mistake. More interesting to me than the specifics of the issue was the way she explained her position and the way she conducted herself. Gone was the sometimes robotic manner and that annoying “good little girl” smile with which she habitually ends all of her statements in interviews and debates. She was firm and clear, and I could see her as a president. She remains the only GOP candidate whom I like as a human being, who has some genuine non-liberal, non-neocon substance, and whom I could support for president. I hope that she can revive her campaign in Iowa and become, once again, a contender.

She also reiterated her opposition to our intervention in Libya. Has any other GOP candidate opposed it?

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JC in Houston writes:

I too seriously hope she can revive her campaign. She is much better than the rest of this weak—and I do mean weak—field. Did you see the video of Perry’s speech in New Hampshire last week? He sure looked tipsy to me!

LA replies:

He’s definitely on something, either alcohol or some pain killer. It’s unbelievable behavior for a man running for president. See the astonished comments following the video.

Also, the comments at that site, Race 4 1012, seem more intelligent and thoughtful, and certainly less rancorous, than the usual web discussions.

LA continues:

One of the strange things about this speech was that as goofy and loopy as Perry’s manner was, he spoke with much more fluidity (the double meaning is deliberate) than usual, as this commenter points out:

Jonesy Says:

Perry was clearly on something.

His hand gestures and facial expressions range from flamboyant to effeminate. Funnily enough, his ability to voice coherent thoughts probably increased in this speech as he was less prone to stutter and come up short on words.

And here’s a wonderful comment parodying Perry’s disastrous attack on Romney as a flip flopper in one of the debates back in September:

Casey Says:
October 30th, 2011 at 5:31 pm

I think Americans just don’t know sometimes which Rick Perry they’re dealing with. Is it the Rick Perry that is on the side of giving speeches while he was drunk before being sober … was it was … before he was not drunk giving speeches, uh, from the standpoint he was standing, uh, for being a tough guy governor before he was for being giddy like a little school when giving speeches … Uh … he’s against being high as a kite on the campaign trail and now he’s for it … I mean, we’ll wait until tomorrow and, and, and wait to see which Rick Perry we’re really talking to…

October 31

Ferg writes:

I have nothing to add to your comments except that as I have said before, don’t underestimate her. She raises money easily and so far has never lost an election despite all the local pundits touting her defeat. I make no predictions as I am very poor at doing it, but I do say don’t give up on her until she says she is done.

November 1

Irv P. writes:

As far as Bachmann goes, her head is screwed on correctly. All the things that give a traditionalist pause about her would be handled correctly after she took office. She can be trusted! There is no one on the current political scene with her clout, that represents my world view better than her.

I have even volunteered to go Iowa to help out in any way I can. I’m waiting to hear from her campaign people. I keep saying to people, “She may be our last hope.” I never thought for a second that Tancredo could win last time, I think she CAN win.

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