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I came to feel that two entries posted earlier today, one on the extreme fatness of football players and the other a Dylan satire directed at the scan and grope regime, weren’t up to standard, so I’ve removed them, at least for the time being.

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February 7

Sophia A. writes:

I’m glad you removed your post about football.

Football players are not as a rule fat. The guards and tackles on the lines, offensive and defensive, are sumo fat. They’ve always been big relative to their times. So 50 years ago a guard would be 220 pounds, nowadays 300. I hate that too, but if they do their job, who am I to criticize?

The offensive backfield and defensive secondaries however are NOT fat. They are some of the leanest specimens on earth, and without a doubt, the most superb athletes. I will never forget how a human bullet of a running back in one of the recent games fought off no less than six tackles (by those behemoths launching themselves at him, like projectiles), and dragged one of them into the end zone.

What I hate about contemporary pro football are the tattoos and wild hairstyles. Both black and white players are equally to blame, although the black players do hold an edge here (and I must admit an ethnocentric enjoyment of Clay Matthews’s long natural blond locks). Half these guys looks like members of some savage cannibal tribe from the South Seas, as described by Herman Melville.

Why is a woman interested in this sport? I’m surrounded by pro football loving males at home, and it was submit or spend my Sundays in exile. I got to like it.

LA replies:

The reason I removed the entry was that in watching the first half of the Super Bowl last night, I saw that the extreme fatness—I mean huge bellies grossly sticking out and hanging out—was not evident as it had been in the AFC championship that was the subject of the entry. The players looked ok. Some of them were very slim around the middle, as you point out. So the entry about the AFC seemed overstated, and I decided to take it offline.

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