Breitbart brought out the truth, then Weiner accused him of manufacturing the truth, then Breitbart was totally vindicated

Larry T. writes:

Andrew Breitbart’s contribution to Weiner’s press conference yesterday was extraordinary. Apparently it was Breitbart who first broke the Weiner story, and then Weiner attempted to blame Breitbart for hacking into his account and causing the entire controversy. Yesterday Breitbart accidentally wound up at Weiner’s press conference, and before Weiner came out, the assembled journalists asked Breitbart to take the podium so that they could ask him questions. Breitbart did, but didn’t realize it was a live TV feed that was going out over the air.

Here is Breitbart on Hannity last night, explaining how it came about that he was at Weiner’s podium.

Someone wrote: “Andrew Breitbart walked into Anthony Weiner’s press conference (before he arrived), took the stage, and proceeded to own the MSM that stood there asking him questions. It was masterful the way he handled the press.”

Here is the full video of Breitbart’s 14 minutes at the podium.

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Paul K. writes:

Breitbart has a genius strategy, which worked on Weiner the same way it worked on ACORN and National Public Radio’s Ron Schiller. He releases some damaging information, prompting his targets to respond that it’s inaccurate, a lie, taken out of context, etc. The targets go into damage-control mode and their allies reflexively rush to their defense, denying the accusations and casting aspersions on Breitbart’s credibility. Breitbart lets this stew a few days and, when media interest is at its height, releases further information that proves that his original story was correct and the denials were a lie. Thus, he destroys both his targets and their defenders. This has proven highly effective.

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