Would you open your front door to this man?

Physically powerful, mentally
deficient, morally depraved

(Note: the man shown in this photo is not Benjamin Thompson, the man who knocked on the door claiming to be a doctor, but his accomplice Vance Jackson, who hid until the door was opened and then pushed into the house along with Thompson and their third accomplice, Natalie Taylor. See discussion and photos in later entry.)

A woman in Huntington, Long Island did, thinking that the man, Benjamin Thompson, was a doctor distributing information about Obama’s health care plan. And here’s what happened next, as reported in Newsday (via Michelle Malkin):

They were well-dressed when they knocked on the door of a Huntington home last month and said they had information about President Barack Obama’s health care plan.

That’s how they got inside to commit a violent home invasion on Aug. 29, a Suffolk prosecutor said Monday.

Benjamin Thompson had a stethoscope around his neck and Natalie Desir carried a clipboard with pamphlets, Assistant District Attorney Glenn Kurtzrock said after their arraignments in Riverhead.

A woman who lives at the house answered the door and said she would take one of the pamphlets. That’s when Thompson, 31, of Brooklyn and Desir, 26, of Nyack forced their way inside, Kurtzrock said.

He gave the following account:

Another man, Vance Jackson, had been hiding outside and also forced his way into the home. Jackson, 46, of Yonkers took the woman’s boyfriend upstairs and shot him in the neck, chased him downstairs and shot him several more times.

Thompson shot the female resident in the foot while she was sitting next to her 2-year-old daughter and also pistol-whipped the woman’s mother, injuring her head.

The three fled with about $4,000 in cash in a getaway car driven by Theodore Briggs, 40, of the Bronx. A fifth suspect who was outside is still at large.

Malkin adds:

The Daily News reports that the “two hatched the home invasion plan while waiting to meet with their parole officers in the Bronx.”

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David B. writes:

I just read your entry about the Long Island home invasion. This is what happened in the 2000 Wichita Massacre. The male victim who was planning to study for the priesthood opened the front door. Not much has been made of it, but my theory is that the Carr brothers said their car was broke down and needed help. It was 20 degrees and snow outside.

I can think of another case of a woman opening her door to a black man who actually was a door to door salesman. She was murdered. This case was on Forensic Files. Do you recall it? It took place (ironically) in Knoxville TN.

The people in the home invasion are lucky to be alive.

September 19

Brandon F. writes:

I can’t help but wonder if these people were typical wealthy white liberals who were getting their moral thrills opening the door for a black man with a message from Obama.

LA replies:

We don’t know the race of the victims in this home invasion. I don’t have any knowledge on this, but based just on general impressions from news accounts I’d say that the majority of home invasions are of white homes by black criminals.

here is a google search for

“home invasions” race black white

It doesn’t seem to turn up anything of a general nature

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