Obama calls U.S. a Muslim country

There are about three million Muslims in the U.S., one percent of the population. There are 57 Muslim majority countries in the world, 46 of them having populations larger than 3 million, ranging from Indonesia (231 million) and Pakistan (163 million) down to Mauritania (3.1 million). So what Obama meant, when he told a French television interviewer that “if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,” I have no idea. Correction: of course I do. He’s trying to make America look as Muslim as possible, just as the spokesmen of U.S. Muslim organizations used to do when they would routinely tell media that there were seven million Muslims in the U.S., an absurd claim the media instantly accepted. Ok, but why is Obama telling people that there are many more Muslims in the U.S. than there really are, why is he saying that America is a Muslim country? There are three reasons: (1) to ingratiate himself with Muslims (that’s the part he’s more or less explicit about in the interview); (2) to make Muslims around the world believe that, since America is a Muslim country, they have a claim on America, which of course is the ultimate Muslim desire vis a vis all non-Muslim countries, especially America; and (3) to make Americans themselves believe that America is a Muslim country, so that they will yield that much more readily to the Muslim agenda.

It’s like telling people, as the left has been doing for the last 20 years, that “America has always been a multicultural country.” If that’s so, then there’s no basis on which to resist the actual transformation of America from a unicultural country into a multicultural country.

It’s like telling people, as the neocons have been doing for the last 20 years, that “America has always been a multiracial country, not defined by race or ethnicity, but by an idea.” If that’s so, then there’s no basis on which to resist the actual transformation of America from an 89 percent white country in 1960, to a 65 percent white country today, to a 49 percent white country around 2040, to a 20 percent white country in 2120.

Or it’s like telling people that that the first Europeans were black. If whites are all descended from people who 35,000 years ago were black, then (the thinking goes) there really is no such thing as whiteness as distinct from nonwhiteness anyway, and the ongoing transformation of the white countries into nonwhite countries is no big deal, since they’re just returning to their “true,” nonwhite condition.

Someone has to find that episode of Star Trek in which the rulers of a planet that Captain Kirk is visiting capture and strap dissidents in front of a hypnotic light beam which convinces them of their absolute worthlessness and nothingness, stripping them of the will to resist their masters. That’s what liberalism is to whites.

Under Obama, the intent of white liberals and nonwhites to subjugate and eliminate the white West is becoming open and avowed, just as I said prior to his election might happen if he were elected. If these signature remarks of Obama’s, such as his calling America a Muslim country, do not start waking up white conservatives to what he and the left really want, nothing will.

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Ray G. writes:

I can’t take much more of this, what is happening to our country. We are being dismantled economically and militarily by a smooth talking socialist with muslim sympathies. And the news media cheerleading his every move. Unbelievable.

Larry G. writes:

I don’t know which Star Trek episode you are talking about, but you can watch them all here:


Robert S. writes:

Here’s the episode, “Dagger of the Mind.”

Ray G. writes:

A good early episode…..I didn’t realize you can watch the whole episode from this link.

Shrewsbury writes:

You write:

It’s like telling people, as the neocons have been doing for the last 20 years, that “America has always been a multiracial country, not defined by race or ethnicity, but by an idea.”

Yeah, and they specifically present New York as the multiracial mecca. What they forget to tell you is that, for all the immigrants the city received during the 19th century, by the U.S. census of 1890 it was still 98% white. The immigrants had come from European countries; even migration of blacks from the south had been insignificant. So what has recently happened to New York and is happening to America has no historical precedent whatsoever.

America was not a nation of immigrants; it was a nation of European immigrants.

Doug H. writes:

I recently began reading your site regularly and look forward to it each day.

I am not surprised that Obama would say that America is a Muslim country. I never viewed Obama as a Christian. He may consider himself one as compared to the liberal Christians such as are found in the church Tiller attended.

My concern is where do white people turn for sanctuary? We not only have to deal with the anti-white minorities but with our own members who will not band together. We can’t speak out against the Muslim cult without being branded racist even though it’s not a race. We can’t speak the truth about minority problems despite the evil we see such as the appallingly high murder rate in St. Louis.

LA replies:

That’s a problem that bothers all of us. We have to start building something apart from and independent of mainstream America, even as we continue trying to save America. We can’t give up. This week, today, is rough. Obama saying America is a Muslim country. Romney saying that Islam has nothing to do with jihad. Homosexual “marriage” being passed in New Hampsire. Fred Thompson, after a head-fake at tradition, supporting homosexual “marriage.” It just goes on and on.

As I said, we can’t give up. Liberalism is false and destructive and it cannot win in the long run. Liberalism right now is powerful, and the weak conservatives, the people with no stable grasp of truth and no loyalty to our civilization, are moving in its direction. So let them. Since I’m always saying that almost everyone in the modern West, including conservatives, are really liberals, and that true opposition to liberalism is only possible if we reject liberal premises and stand the separate ground from liberalism, the open surrender of many conservatives to liberalism only clarifies the issue. Liberalism has to be revealed in the fullness of what it is, in the fullness of its evil and ugliness, perhaps in the fullness of its power, before large numbers of people will really see it and stand against it.

June 4

Karl D. writes:

This is in response to your response to Doug H. I think the point to which you alluded to “Liberalism being viewed in its fullness” is dead on. A perfect example is the UK.

After almost 15 years of full throated Liberalism, Gordon Brown and Labour in general are about to crumble. Hopefully, beyond repair for a long long time. It might well take 8-12 years of Liberal rule (and I do mean RULE) before the bottom has been reached. Do I wish it not to be that way? Of course. But it seems that Liberal society as a whole has to be collectively mugged before the Frankenstein’s monster can be burned.

Kathlene M. writes:

In response to the question “where do white conservatives turn for sanctuary?”

The obvious answer is Faith in God. After that, we can seek out likeminded people (like on this site). We need to remember we’re not all alone, even though it feels that way.

For Christians, I recommend these two comforting Biblical passages:

“So never worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”-Matthew 6:34


“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”—Philippians 4:6

Yes it’s depressing to see what is happening around us. We don’t know the United States’ ultimate destiny or what God has planned. We can pray each day for wisdom and protection, while thanking God for the blessings we do have. This is what lifts me through the depressing moral and spiritual degradation that surrounds us.

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