Are blacks the cultural Huns, not just of the West, but of all cultures?

In response to the previous entry, “Another white girl killed by blacks, but with a twist: she was their partner in crime,” an Indian living in the West writes:

Blacks seem to exert great influence among the low IQ populations of all races. The end result is that the other races start imitating the blacks. To extend Charles Murray’s thesis in Coming Apart, not only has the low IQ white population in America become dysfunctional, it is starting to resemble the blacks more and more with time (if measured in terms of crime, drug use, illegitimacy, etc.). In Britain, the low IQ low-class “chavs” have become indistinguishable from the blacks in behaviour.

I have noticed the same phenomenon in London and Paris. The Pakistani, Arab, North African, Chinese, and Indian kids that spent any time around blacks start behaving like blacks. I found it comical walking around London and noticing white and South Asian kids dressed like black rappers. But aside from the comical aspect of it, the increase in crime and drug use are no laughing matter.

A friend of mine who is half Indian, half British and born into an upper class family in India but now living in the West, once said to me that the only blacks he would like to see in his neighbourhood are the cleaners. He was probably being a little extreme but he was always terrified of the effect that they would have on his children. He spends an absolute fortune educating his two children in private schools which specialise in inoculating the children from black influence in music, films, and television. It is a hopeless task, however. The Western media has made worship of dumb Negro behaviour the “coolest” thing on earth. I find it funny nowadays going to Delhi for business visits and seeing upper middle class Indian kids dress, talk, and behave like black rappers.

Modern “culture” is a sewer, organized, to a great extent, around Negro cultural models.

July 13

James N. writes:

I must admit that I am surprised and distressed by the gravitational pull of the ghetto subculture on young and middle aged whites, and especially on white girls.

I would not have expected this; but then again, there’s a lot happening I would not have expected.

The worst part of this phenomenon is that it was predicted, over and over again, by the “bad whites” of your and my childhood. The last line of defense runs between you and me on the “good” side, and Bull Connor and Theodore Bilbo on the “bad” side.

Wherever they are now, I bet they are saying. “I told you so.”

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