Pakistani Muslim teen in Houston high school gets his Somalian Muslim best friend to kill the Pakistani’s mother…

… which the Somalian does by stabbing his Pakistani friend’s mother several dozen times.

(Note: Laura G., below, wonders why the Muslim angle on this murder is not being explored, why the media are treating it as routine for a boy to hire someone to murder his mother because she expected him to do chores.)

Fox News in Houston carries the story:

Police: Teen Hired Classmate to Kill Mom
06 Jan 2010

HOUSTON—On what seemed like an average day at HISD’s Lee High School, the buzz in the hallways centered on the two classmates arrested and charged with capital murder.

“I don’t believe it,” said one high school senior. “I can’t believe it.”

Yet, Danish Minhas and Nur Mohamed are jailed and due in court Thursday morning for the murder of 43-year-old Tabassum Khan. Khan was Minhas’s mother.

“Nur Mohamed confessed to stabbing Khan several dozen times,” said Sgt. Brian Harris of the Houston Police Department.

According to police, Mohamed is a Somalian-born student who was recently caught with drugs on campus. His friendship with Minhas, a Pakistani-born senior who made good grades and worked in Lee High School’s administrative office, blossomed in Spanish class.

On the surface, they seemed like an odd match. Classmates knew Mohamed as the guy who brought drugs to school. They knew Minhas as the guy who made the morning announcements over the campus intercom.

Even the Houston police knew of Minhas. On the day his mother was killed, Minhas was supposed to report to HPD Headquarters to interview for an internship. It would have been his second interview for the spot.

“Danish Minhas was in the law enforcement community,” said Harris. “He received several leadership awards.”

But according to police, Minhas confessed to recruiting Mohamed to kill his mother. Police found her dead in her apartment back in November.

The motive?

Investigators say Minhas simply didn’t want to follow her house rules.

“These were not unusual restrictions- curfew, be home at night, stay off the freeway- very simple rules any parent that’s responsible would ask their child to do,” said Harris.

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Laura G. writes:

I have read most of the “news” on this murder, and as usual I fail to see anyone, anywhere, asking or commenting on the likelihood that they are Muslim, and what the implications of that are. Mohammed certainly is Muslim, probably is under the influence of an imam or group of Muslims, and those associations need to be considered and known. Danish is reported to be Pakistani, and so is also almost certainly Muslim. His mother made him do chores. The stupid cow probably imagined she was now living in a situation in which adult women are in a position to exercise control over adolescent sons. She apparently forgot that her son knows very well that, wherever they happen to be camping, their home is Muslim and his mother’s position as a woman is to do the chores. Women do not tell men what to do. No wonder he needed to put her in her proper place. What we need to find out is where and by whom he was being encouraged to do so. A little investigative curiosity would solve these riddles, but as usual there is none. One would think, from the dry reports, that it is an everyday event when a boy hires a killer to off his mother because she made him do chores. The explanation is being accepted, and not seen for the incredible sham it certainly is. The American social expectation is that adolescent boys are assigned to do chores. If chores are the reason for a murder, it is a certainty that it reflects an entirely foreign social expectation, and that foreign social expectation is incompatible with the one that works for 99 percent of us. Once again, they do not belong here, and we tolerate them at our extreme peril.

LA replies:

Very interesting point, but is your underlying premise correct? That is, is it the case that in Muslim societies mothers cannot have their sons do chores? I thought that within the sphere of the traditional Muslim home and family, Muslim women are respected.

JC writes from Houston:

There is a sadder story behind this as well. I graduated from what was then Robert E. Lee High School in Houston in the late sixties. It was 98 percent white and included students from some of the really affluent areas of southwest Houston. Now it is down to five percent white, 10 percent African-American 75 percent Hispanic (mostly immigrant) and assorted Third World nationalities. The “Robert E.” was dropped from the name years ago because it wasn’t deemed politically correct for the student body. They dropped the high school football program in 2003 because none of the immigrants were interested in it. A school that once produced many National Merit Scholars now has combined verbal and math SAT scores averaging in the low 800s.

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