How the liberal media treat conservatives

Ken Hechtman, VFR’s Canadian leftist reader, writes:

One of the oldest political jokes I know, but I like this version of it:

A man was slowly walking through the pathways of the local city zoo, admiring the variety of animals that were on display. In the distance he sees a young woman rush towards a lion cage and reach inside. Not a moment passed before a fierce lion latched onto the young woman’s arm and would not let go.

Without fear for his own life, the man rushed to the enclosure and swiftly punched the lion in the nose. The beast loosened its grip and the man pulled the woman to safety.

There happened to be a journalist from the CBC in the park, and he had witnessed the entire event. The journalist was at the man’s side at once.

“Sir,” said the journalist, “That was an incredible act. You have saved that woman from being devoured by that lion!.”

“It was nothing, my dear fellow” replied the man. “I am a Conservative MP. I just tried to do what was right.”

“May I write about your selfless action, online tomorrow on our website?”, queried the eager CBC reporter.

“Of course,” replied the MP, “I look forward to reading it in the morning.”

Hours later—bleary eyed and still half asleep—the Conservative MP logged on to the website, only to be met with the following headline….


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