Honeymooning British couple murdered in their hotel cabin on black Caribbean island; and what security measures are needed to travel safely in a black country?

Karen writes from England:

You may have heard of this incident where a British couple on honeymoon in Antigua were shot in an armed robbery at 5 a.m. in their holiday cottage. The wife is dead and the husband close to death in an ICU in a local hospital. As long as there are predatory blacks roaming freely around, whites are not safe, anywhere. It is also evident that whites have still not understood this danger and time and time again put themselves into vulnerable positions in Third World cesspits. From the pictures the hotel looks beautiful but where is the security? One needs an electric fence and armed guards in such a place.

If there were at least honest reporting about black violence, and specifically about black on white violence, then white people would not keep putting themselves so carelessly at risk the way they do. But there is no information presented in our society that would enable whites to grasp and respond appropriately to this threat. To warn whites of the hugely disproportionate danger of murder, rape and armed robbery they face from blacks would be “racist.” And, as an acquaintance in Brooklyn said to me almost twenty years ago, in our society racism is a worse sin than murder. So it’s better for society to let white people be murdered by blacks than to warn them of the palpable danger they face from blacks. It’s better for a white person to let himself be murdered by blacks, then for him to form the simple, factual thought, “The black population contains a high proportion of predatory savages, I must be aware of this and take precautions.”

A hundred times I have mentioned H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine with its story of the soft, pretty Eloi who passively allow themselves to be slaughtered nightly by the savage Morlocks. But the analogy doesn’t get old, because it is so true.

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Anthony Damato writes:

I was asleep at 4 a.m. when my radio alarm went off and I heard the story of the Eloi British couple attacked in a third world pseudo-paradise. My very first reaction was anger, anger at the perpetrators of this act of savagery, and anger at the stupidity of this couple to go to such an exotic (primitive) locale. I went to sleep thinking nothing more of it. Seeing your post on this just now got me thinking that whites are Eloi. Dumb Eloi, bred to serve the new rulers of the globalized world order. That would be anything but whites or white interests. Since whites are a small portion of the global population, and their lands are playgrounds for every race, culture, religion and lifestyle, whites, dummies that we are, can’t do the math and see what all this degenerate “diversity” will do. As whites become more and more a minority, is black violence going to turn the entire Western world into a gigantic South Africa, where the white Eloi live like prey to savage African blacks?

So as I heard the news, I rolled back over and thought about how this unfortunate couple from Britain would have fought with anyone who would have warned them against visiting these minority menageries. Instead of heeding the warning, they would have reported the clear-thinking concerned Samaritan as a racist deserving to be outcast and shunned.

Lydia McGrew writes:

I notice in the story about the couple shot in Antigua that the spin is already beginning. The story relays the conjecture from the police that it was a “robbery gone wrong” when the couple woke up and “confronted” the intruders. It also mentions that the door was kicked in. So the idea is that it was their fault for waking up when the door was kicked in (could you sleep through that?), and then for not groveling quickly and convincingly enough before the intruders in order, somehow, to prevent the robbery from “going wrong”—in other words, to prevent the robbers from taking it into their heads to shoot both victims in the head. See, this couple awakened from sleep by having their honeymoon cottage door kicked in by a band of thugs just weren’t passive enough.

Paul K. writes:

In the linked article, it says, “Investigators still believe that the tragedy occurred after a robbery went wrong when the victims woke up and confronted the intruder.”

This term “robbery gone wrong” is one that pops up with infuriating regularity in British news reports. Gone wrong for whom? For the victims, things went wrong when they were subject to robbery, whatever the outcome. It must mean that it went wrong for the robbers, who only meant to threaten violence until things took a bad turn. It suggests that there is some random, unforeseeable, “tragic” element to this event, like when a schoolboy throws a snowball at a friend and ends up blinding him. Poor fellows, a careless act of murder interrupted their otherwise peaceable careers of armed robbery.

By the way, what would be the definition of a “robbery gone right”? To me, it is four muggers confronting Bernie Goetz.

Alec H. writes:

The authorities portray a “confrontation,” inviting the public to picture Mr. Mullany charging the intruders—just burglars, really, no murder in their hearts—and catching a bullet loosed in panic. In fact, they executed him Lubyanka-style:

“Mr Mullany … was shot in the neck but the bullet traveled up into his head and lodged in his brain.”

Patrick H. writes:

I do have a problem with Morlock/Eloi analogy: didn’t the Morlocks actually maintain ancient machines, and feed and clothe the Eloi? Blacks do nothing like that; indeed it is whites who feed and clothe blacks, and who invent, design, build, run and maintain all the machinery that keeps blacks in anything like a civilized state (including the guns used to kill the couple).

As horrifyingly apt as the Morlock/Eloi analogy is, there is something far worse going on with blacks and whites. We feed and clothe and arm those who would hunt and eat us; unlike the helpless Eloi, we could stop this anytime we choose; but we deliberately turn away from the reality of black savagery and black dependency, sacrificing far too many of our people in these kinds of atrocities in the cause of maintaining our illusions. I don’t know what is going on with whites, but you have mentioned before something that strikes me as at least one of the reasons for our madness: liberalism knows it is nihilistic to its heart, and wants and acts out the nothingness that animates it. So the insanity has a kind of logic to it. Liberalism knows it is evil, and so seeks its own destruction. And, in its insanity, it is right to do so.

LA replies:

On your first point, yes. I think, in fact, that the Morlocks, though beastly and living underground, are actually the ones in charge, and further, the Eloi are the cattle of the Morlocks, they are bred for the purpose of being slaughtered. So, yes, the analogy between Wells and our situation does not hold in all respects. But then the cattle/Eloi analogy breaks down even in Wells, because it’s not as though the Morlocks take the Eloi to a slaughterhouse and slaughter them. Rather, the Morlocks come up from underground at night and violently seize an Eloi and kill him and eat him. As I remember, they don’t even prepare and cook the Eloi, they just tear him to pieces. So it is savage murder, with passive victims submitting themselves to murder, rather than an orderly process of cattle or sheep being bred, fed, and slaughtered.

But as to your second paragraph, absolutely right. Our Eloi situation is far worse, morally, than in Wells’s version. In Wells, the Eloi have no choice really, they have no power, no brains, and the Morlocks are in control. But in our society, the whites/Eloi are the more capable and powerful race, the race which provides everything for the incapable blacks/Morlocks, yet which deliberately turns itself into the helpless prey of the incapable, weaker race.

In all of human history, only under modern liberalism has such a perversion occurred. Only under modern liberalism could such a perversion occur.

Mark Jaws writes:

Come on folks:

Anyone with a 100 IQ knows that blacks are disproportionately poor, disproportionately low IQ, and disproportionately violent and dangerous. These folks lived in Britain, and regardless of what is depicted in the British media, you have to be an oblivious idiot, or worse, an excuse monger for ubiquitous black pathologies, not to know what’s going on. It is so easy to connect the dots that anyone who cannot do so deserves to be cast out of the gene pool by these savages. But worse, these folks went out of their way to spend their honeymoon in a black nation where blacks are responsible for providing security. Let this serve as yet another wakeup call to those of our kinsmen with a little more on the ball than these two murdered numbskulls. I know this is a harsh sentiment, but this useless loss of life calls for such words.

LA replies:

What exactly is their error? Is it something specific they did? Or is it going to Antigua at all? Should no white ever go to a black majority country?

Mark Jaws replies:

Yes, I heartily recommend that unless they can provide for their own security, whites should stay out of black-ruled and black-dominated anythings—including communities, neighborhoods, schools, centers, districts, cities, provinces, regions, countries, continents, planets, star systems, and galaxies. I went to school for four years in Harlem’s CCNY , remember? Things were stolen from lockers all the time while black security personnel “guarded” the locker rooms. That pool in which Mike Berman’s sister was raped was also “guarded” by blacks from “the community,” who may have very well provided white babe comings and goings to the more frisky gentlemen in the hood. Until the Morlocks are held accountable and then ultimately fought and vanquished, they have no cause to feel responsibility and remorse for any Eloi they happen to snuff out. No doubt that Berman rape would be described by a white liberal or black CCNY spokesperson as an “encounter gone wrong.”

LA replies:

I’ve always said that living under black rule is a fate worse than death. It hadn’t occurred to me that having a vacation under black rule is a fate worse than death.

John P. writes:

First off let me say I really enjoy your site and I visit everyday as it is one of the few sane sites on the Net. We continue to see more and more of this type of behavior reported on the Internet as it seems to be hidden by the MSM. What is really scary is that FIFA [International Federation of Association Football] intends to have the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa! Although there is still hope, as the FIFA is concerned, not about crime, but about whether the black run government in South Africa can get its act together and have the facilities ready in time. If in fact FIFA reassigns the World Cup to another country, no doubt shouts of racism will ring out, but who knows how many naive Europeans will be saved from being murdered and raped. Here is a truly horrible site updated daily on black crime. It made me get out my firearms and clean them.

Karen writes from England (July 30):

Some good comments on the article!

Whilst Mark Jaws has a good point about whites keeping out of black countries and areas, I think visiting and even living in black countries is OK for whites as long as they understand that the number one priority is always security. Vacationing in Antigua is no problem if the issue of security is dealt with first and foremost. Many of the tourists think that if a hotel is expensive it must be safe. Not so! Many of the Caribbean hotels are rip offs. Staying in an isolated flimsy cabin with a door which can be “kicked in ” and is secured by one small (and probably weak) lock is madness See the picture of the cabin in this article.

This couple were asking for trouble. The article also says the hotel had been burgled before with three cabins broken into in one night. They didn’t do their homework and prepare their trip properly. They were acting as though they were vacationing in Europe or the USA. This is the problem with whites who have now been indoctrinated with the belief that everyone everywhere is the same as them.

LA replies:

Very interesting observations. Mark Jaws’s comment about never going to any black area, city, country was too sweeping. You’ve added nuance.

Karen replies:

Exactly—some of these black countries are of stunning natural beauty with magnificent wild life. No reason for whites to miss out on seeing these things, which can be truly fascinating. Likewise if you are in the oil business, there is plenty of money to be made in Nigeria, so no reason to stay away. Just take precautions and stay in buildings of solid construction with proper locks and security! But remember that many of these armed robberies are done by police officers and soldiers who are licensed to carry guns and know how to use them effectively. No evidence ever gets found, the guards hear and see nothing, so don’t get into fights with them or mess around with them. How dumb whites have become! Interestingly, the Chinese don’t seem to be having problems in Africa.

Mark Jaws replies:

My remarks were too sweeping and lacking nuance? Often these vintage Mark Jaws comments are, but not in this particular case. I did qualify my statement by saying European peoples should stay out unless they can provide for their own security. Look how Karen from England contradicts herself by admitting that the guards in these NO-GO countries cannot be trusted. You can have all the steel doors you want, but if you cannot rely on the inside personnel to protect you—as I discussed in my City College example—then you are still in danger. Furthermore, Karen advises would-be travelers to NO-GO countries to do some homework before departing. Well, not only are the people corrupt and dangerous in these NO-GO areas, but the information they generate is notoriously unreliable. Again, if you cannot bring your Magnum .357 or AK-47 with you, then my advice is to stay out.

LA replies:

Mr. Jaws is correct about the contradiction. If the security, including police, in these countries can’t be trusted, then how can visitors arrange for their security there? Which would return us to the point Mr. Jaws made in his previous comment and repeats here, that people should only go to black-run countries if they can provide for their own security. But then the question becomes: is one’s own possession of a serious weapon enough to provide for one’s security? Doesn’t real security require having one’s own security detail as well?

The idea that black countries are automatically off-limits to travelers seemed so grim and hopeless that I wanted Karen’s more hopeful comment to be true.

Sam H. writes from the Netherlands:

The Antigua thread is a bit absurd. These poor people were just tourists and were brutally slaughtered. Except if one should never even step foot into a non-white-majority area, I don’t really see what they did wrong.

I’ve never been to the Caribbean myself but it sure looks like there are some very nice vacation spots there. Should I also never travel to Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York etc. because they are non-white-majority?

A bit ridiculous.

LA replies:

I’m not sure you mean the whole thread, or Mark Jaw’s comment. See his response to Karen. At the moment he’s winning the argument, to my regret. And his argument pertains to “black-run” places, not nonwhite majority places. Also, he wasn’t saying that one should never go to black run countries, but that one should only there armed. As for Washington D.C., the Northwest part of the city, which is the part visitors visit, is not black-run. Visitors—not just those reading Mark Jaws at VFR—generally avoid other parts of Washington.

Also, it seems the British couple were staying in a standalone cabin in a beach area with a flimsy lock on the door. They thus had virtually no protection from intruders. So they really did go as lambs to the slaughter.

LA continues:

Both Mark and Karen say you should not go to a black country unless you’ve provided for security. The only difference between them is that Karen speaks of getting security from the people in that country, while Mark says you must bring your own.

Karen replies:

I didn’t mean a contradiction when I talked about security in black countries. What I mean by secure is the 5 star hotels run by large companies, e.g. Sheraton, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton. These hotels provide buildings which are robust and secured by perimeter fences (usually electric), properly lit and they are gated. People can’t just walk in. It is difficult to get in and difficult to get out in a hurry. Criminals (police or otherwise) don’t bother to cause trouble in these places, as it is too much hassle for them. They always go for the weaker, isolated places where there is lax security, poorly paid guards (often hired at random) who can be bribed, no gates or fences and hence easy access and getaway. It is always the 3 and 4 star hotels, like this one which get the crime. This 3 star hotel, comprised of wooden huts on an open hilltop, with no fencing, was a sitting target for crime and it is just surprising that it didn’t happen more often. Anyone could walk in and out of there.

Security in black countries doesn’t mean carrying a weapon, it means spending money and you only get what you pay for. In Africa we used to have off duty police offices to guard us—pay the right price and they make sure you have no problems. Cheat them and you get done. People who want to go to black countries need to be prepared to pay the cost of the security and if they don’t want to, they shouldn’t go. In a black country, never stay in anything less than a 5*hotel. Renting a wooden cabin in an open hilltop with no fencing, no gates, no proper lighting, no armed guards is utter madness. This couple might as well have camped in a field. They wouldn’t do that in the UK so why did they do it in Antigua?

LA replies:

Ok, there’s the explanation. Security is possible in these black-run countries, in hotels that are not run by the people of that country, but by international corporations which have facilities, standards, and procedures that are entirely different from and independent of the usual way of doing things in that country. Alternatively, security is possible by paying sufficient money for your own armed guards.

Mark Jaws writes:

Sam H. writes:

I’ve never been to the Caribbean myself but it sure looks like there are some very nice vacation spots there. Should I also never travel to Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York etc. because they are non-white-majority?

A bit ridiculous.

Normally, I do not pick fights with other readers, but naive European Sam is asking for it. Notice, how Sam mischaracterizes what I say, which I think is more than a bit ridiculous.

First, Sam, I said avoid BLACK RUN areas and not NON-WHITE areas. Huge, huge, huge difference there old boy. I have spent considerable time in Korea and Japan, which are by far safer than any country in Europe. Black does not equate to all non-whites, and you know that.

Second, I said avoid neighborhoods and cities RUN by blacks. NYC is not run by blacks and there are many neighborhoods in NYC, such as Marine Park in southern Brooklyn which are fairly safe. On the other hand, Detroit is run by blacks and for that very reason there are probably no safe neighborhoods left in the Motor City. But, if you’d like to prove me wrong, dear Sam, why don’t you vacation in Detroit next year? Pick a spot in the downtown area and walk around at night—especially with a young white woman. Chances are you wouldn’t last ten minutes.

Van Wijk writes:

You wrote:

“The idea that black countries are automatically off-limits to travelers seemed so grim and hopeless that I wanted Karen’s more hopeful comment to be true.”

Socrates to Euthyphro: Piety would then be a sort of trading skill between gods and men?

Euthyphro: Trading, yes, if you prefer to call it that.

Socrates: I prefer nothing, unless it is true.

James W. writes:

Many a black person has affirmed the sentiment of this thread by moving to a white area, not excluding the wrong Reverend Wright.

March 9, 2009

LA writes:

Lydia wrote:

“So the idea is that it was their fault for waking up when the door was kicked in …”

Supposed to lay down and die
When his door is kicked in
He’s the Neighborhood Bully
— Bob Dylan

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