MSNBC’s vision of America

Tim W. writes:

Have you seen MSNBC’s new ad campaign? It’s largely a joke, but it does clearly demonstrate what liberals think America should become. Badly whipped by Fox News, the management at MSNBC thinks the slogan “lean forward” will re-brand them as the hip, progressive channel.

Spike Lee was hired to direct a series of long promos which now air regularly on the channel. They feature countless flashing images that stay on the screen barely a second while a Big Brotherish voice explains that America mustf continue to “lean forward.” Some of the images are innocuous (the moon landing) but the usual liberal iconography dominates (photos of the civil rights battles, anti-war activism, feminism, the rise of Obama). Most noteworthy is that they re-write the Declaration of Independence in the voiceover, making it gender neutral and leaving out the reference to the Creator (just as Obama has been doing). When the words “unalienable rights” are spoken by the narrator, a scene of two men “marrying” one another flashes on the screen.

The promo ends with these words: “We are the United States of “come as you are.” Our differences are what unite us.” As these words are spoken, images of multi-racial faces flash on the screen rapidly, with lots of Third World types dominating.

The promos are stupid, as is the “lean forward” slogan. Fox has already trumped it by airing promos asserting that they move forward, they don’t just lean. The Fox promos have no ideological overtones, focusing instead on their status as the top cable news channel. Some have noted that “lean forward” might well mean “assume the position.” I guess for white, Christian taxpayers, that’s what it does mean.

LA replies:

It is the classic left-liberal or “openness liberal” view: America (or any Western nation) as nothing but unconditional openness to everything in the world. America as not containing any identity, standards, or culture of its own. The America of the left-liberal vision has no basis to object to, say, the immigration of jihadists who are openly set on killing Americans and destroying America. Any objections are “racism” and “Islamophobia.” In short, left-liberalism is pure, unadulterated national suicide. It is saved from being instant national suicide only by the presence of people who do not follow the left-liberal vision consistently. The left-liberals get to indulge their wild, childish ideas, because the adults in the society (or rather the relative adults) still pay some attention to reality.

Alex K. writes:

Tim W. wrote:

Some have noted that “lean forward” might well mean “assume the position.”

Limbaugh has been referring to the slogan as “Lean Forward, this Won’t Hurt Much.”

LA replies:

Or as a right-wing acquaintance of mine in the early ’90s used to put it, characterizing the implicit liberal attitude toward conservatives: “Bend over and take it like a man.”

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