Palin versus Bachmann?

The interesting dynamics of the budding Palin-Bachmann rivalry, discussed at Politico. In a sentence, Palin fears that a Bachmann candidacy will displace Palin as the tea party favorite—and this fear may push Palin into the race.

PLEASE, Sarah, do not run.

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James P. writes:

As we discussed before, anyone who opposes Obama will earn the irrational hatred of the Left. Even McCain earned his share of irrational hatred during the 2008 campaign, and his role was “graceful loser.” If Romney reprises that role, he will be hated nonetheless. In my view, if you’re inevitably going to be hated anyway, you might as well try to win.

Greg W. writes:

Not only does Palin fear being replaced as the Tea Party poster child, there’s the “woman factor” as well. Palin only stands out because she is a woman. She is the most recognized woman of the Right. Bachmann has been garnering attention as well, and this threatens Palin as the “strong woman leader” of the Republican party.

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