The Inverted World

A new website called The Inverted World, devoted to racial realism and the defense of the white West, while stoutly rejecting the anti-Semitism that informs so much of the racialist right, is being launched today. “Inverted world” refers to the fact that the white race, which created our civilization, and has formed the basis of almost everything we have and everything we are, is today considered illegitimate and is even demonized as the “cancer of history,” while nonwhite and non-Western peoples have become the objects of our extragavant veneration. The historic people of the West have been placed ideologically at the margins, while people historically alien to or utterly disconnected from the West have been placed at the center. This, as I understand it, is what the author of the website, who calls himself The Realist, means by “inverted world.”

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Gintas J. writes:

I know some people won’t be so easily persuaded that the Enlightenment was better than sliced bread. His trumpeting of scientific achievement as a good end in itself is a symptom of Enlightenment rationalism and scientism.

It’ll be interesting to see how he deals with Christianity, which is so much a part of Western Civ, but also has globalist / supra-race (?) tendencies. Two issues come immediately to mind: 1) the Enlightenment (which he sees as a Good Thing[tm]) really turned with a vengeance against the historic Christianity of the West. I can see Enlightenment-lovers making the point that only when Christianity decreased did the West enter its Golden Age. If that’s going to be his general take, or that’s the kind of crowd he draws, it’s not progress. “The home of white race realist liberals.” It does have a novelty value in that it’s a material element that Western materialist liberals today avoid like the plague.

LA replies:

The author of this site has told me that he bases his world view on Darwinism. He thinks Darwinism can be the basis for the organization of society. Obviously I disagree. But I think we ought to give our support to any civilized, non-religious defender of white Western civilization, so long as he’s not anti-Christian.
Gintas replies:

The info on his Darwinist views is discouraging, as well as his cheerleading for the Englightenment. You take those things, and you still end up with the white liberals we already have in excess. We’ll see how things develop, it’s worth giving him a chance. After all, Sailer comes up with interesting things.

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