Bad choice

James M. in England writes:

Boris Johnson’s black deputy mayor has now resigned:

The Tories suffered an embarrassing setback last night after Boris Johnson was forced to sack his deputy for lying about his past. Ray Lewis, a charismatic community leader, was dumped after what looked like a catastrophic misjudgment by the new London mayor. A torrent of allegations about Mr Lewis, covering sexual misconduct, financial wheeler- dealing and physical abuse of pupils threatened to tarnish the Tory success story.

The “misjudgement” of appointing a black deputy was forced on Johnson by the necessity to prove he was not racist. But it’s only a necessity when conservatives are frightened of liberals and the far left revolutionaries who disguise themselves as liberals. [LA replies: What about the infinitely more damaging appointment of Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court, all because Ronand Reagan felt compelled to appoint a woman?] Meanwhile, the first wife of the high-ranking Muslim police officer causing trouble at the Met has allegedly said this (it’s suspiciously fluent):

She adds, damningly: “That’s what I can’t understand about the way Tarique is behaving. He owes an eternal debt of gratitude to Britain for allowing him to come here, to save him from persecution, and tolerating his race and religion. Yet this is how he repays such kindness. You cannot take all the opportunities that have been given to you, all the promotions, and then not accept that one day perhaps you will not rise any further. To turn round just because things aren’t going your way and accuse someone of racial discrimination, which is such a dreadful allegation, is cowardly and lazy.”

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