Now America is waging a fourth war in the Dar al Islam

Steve W. writes:

I confess I was not aware of the “covert” operation in Yemen, but this is shocking news. We’re involved militarily in yet another unstable Middle Eastern country. Only this time we’re bombing the rebels, not the leadership, as in Libya. It truly appears that American foreign policy in the region has come unhinged. Our political, intelligence, and military communities are out of control. This massive escalation of our involvement in the internal affairs of Muslim nations, thanks above all to George W. Bush, will not end happily. I cannot help but think that this is yet another sign of the “decline and fall” of our once great nation.

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Philip M. writes from England:

I was saying to my friend a few days ago that I didn’t see how the West could not get involved in Yemen. There is a threat that Al-Queda could get into power there, and this was given as such a terrible problem that we invaded Afghanistan for the same thing.

And at the same time, we went into Libya on a far less threatening pretext. So how could we go into Libya and Afghanistan and NOT go into Yemen?

This is the price we pay for having our global conscience. I’m not sure what it was that we were supposed to be getting that made this price worthwhile.

I suppose this is why Liberals are so quiet on these wars is that they understand that it is their one-worldism that is the driving logic for much of this.

I like that about liberal comedians like Jon Stewart. On some issues you get the sense that they see the West as defenders of their values, at other times you get a vague, world-weary cynicism about the way the world seems to be.

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