The Red Sox’ September collapse

Evan H. writes:

Have you been following the Major League baseball season? Today is the last day of the regular season and both the National League and American League wild card races are tied. In the AL, the Red Sox are on the brink of an unprecedented September collapse—they had a nine game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays on September 4, but now they’re tied. This despite the Red Sox having the third-highest salary total in the league, and the Rays having the second-lowest. The Rays have managed to be successful using such “old-fashioned” (in the Moneyball era, at least) skills as baserunning, defense, complete games, and good management by Joe Maddon.

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Gintas replies:

I saw someone refer to the joy of watching the Red Sox collapse as RedSoxenfreude.

LA replies:

Obviously, that remark came from a New Yorker. Why should fans in general have an animus against the Red Sox?

James N. writes:

All I know is, if you walk into a bar anywhere in the world wearing a Red Sox cap, chances are someone will buy you a drink.

Gintas writes:

What I’ve heard is that many Red Sox fans have become triumphalist since they’ve won a couple of World Series. That’s typical of fans, but the baseball world doesn’t know what to do with happy, exuberant, optimistic Red Sox fans. Plus it’s become pretty clear that they are one of the big-money teams in the game, right up there with the Yankees. I think in many places attitudes towards them are hardening.

LA replies:

“the baseball world doesn’t know what to do with happy, exuberant, optimistic Red Sox fans.”

That’s funny.

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