A savage, animalistic gang attack in Philadelphia

The black intifada against whites continues. When will our society acknowledge that these are not random, unconnected events, but part of a pattern?

James P. sends this from the Daily Mail:

A Vietnam veteran was so badly beaten up in a random attack by a gang of teenagers that his skull was fractured.

Edward Schaefer, 64, who lost an eye while serving his country, was attacked from behind as he walked to meet his wife at a bus stop in the Olney district of Philadelphia.

Police have now arrested one of the six male suspects, after dozens of tip-offs from the public and help from schools, CBS News reported.

But the search is on for the remaining members of the gang who left Mr Schaefer with injuries to his head and hands.

Officers say one of the gang started the attack and then the others joined in. [JP: Typical of such attacks!]

Kate Schaefer, the victim’s wife, told Eyewitness News, ‘They just smashed every bone in his face. I can’t tell you the words. I guess I was just happy that he was alive.’ The attack happened shortly after 6pm on Tuesday.

Lt. George McClay said.’These animals are specializing on our elderly people out here and a gentleman who served our country.’ He added: ‘I’m disgusted by this whole thing. I’m surprised he survived.’ Lt McClay said ‘one more shot the wrong way’ and Mr Schaefer could have died.

The suspects who are described as six black and Hispanic males, between the ages of 16 to 18.

Police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to their conviction. [JP: I commend Lt. McClay for describing the attackers as “animals” and expressing disgust at their behavior!]

LA replies:

I agree on the “animal” part but disagree on the “disgust” part. Politically correct police and others are always expressing their “disgust” at these savage incidents. To say, “I’m disgusted by this” is not a strong, authoritative response, but a weak, passive response.

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