Black America Burning

From the Daily Mail (“TSA screener at JFK hurled hot coffee at American Airlines pilot who told her to stop swearing”), more on what it’s like to live in the same society and work in the same institutions with blacks. But of course the Mail (and the New York Post from which it got the story) is not explicitly telling us that. It’s just reporting a single, meaningless incident, not part of any larger pattern of black behavior. Indeed, the story does not even identity the woman who threw the coffee as black; we only know she is black from her name (Lateisha El) and speech (she was using the N word in conversation with her co-workers).

An airport security worker was arrested after throwing a cup of hot coffee over a pilot who told her to stop swearing.

Transportation Security Administrator (TSA) Lateisha El, 30, was in the middle of a conversation with work colleagues at a JFK Airport terminal when she was interrupted by the American Airlines pilot.

Off-duty airman Steven Trivett, 54, was exiting terminal 8 when he overheard El swearing and asked her to tone down the profanity.

Trivett, of Butler, Tennessee, told them they should ‘conduct themselves more professionally in uniform and not use profanity or the n-word,’ according to the New York Post.

One TSA screener told Trivett to ‘mind his own business’ and swore at him.

Trivett then identified himself as a ‘TSA officer’—an armed pilot—before trying to grab the ID tags of screener El to get her name.

But Port Authority police sources told the newspaper that El responded by hurling a ‘full cup’ cup of hot coffee over the pilot.

Trivett was not seriously injured. El, of Brooklyn’s East New York, was charged with harassment and misdemeanor-assault for the incident at 5am on March 28.

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