The fate of the Stupakites

Tim W. writes:

Remember the Stupak Twelve? They were the dozen pro-life Democrats who pledged to oppose Obamacare unless it contained an absolute prohibition on funding abortions. In the end, all but one of them caved and supported the bill when Obama issued a legally worthless executive order supposedly addressing their concerns. Of the twelve, only four will be returning to the new Congress, and one of them is Lipinski (Illinois), the lone member of the group who stood firm and voted no. Of the eleven turncoats, Rahall (West Virginia), Kaptur (Ohio), and Donnelly (Indiana) survived, though Donnelly did so by a handful of votes in a district where he should have won easily.

Not returning in January:

Mollohan (West Virginia). Defeated in the Democratic primary by a pro-life Democrat. The GOP won the seat yesterday.

Carney, Dahlkemper, and Kanjorski, all defeated in Pennsylvania.

Dreihaus (Ohio). Defeated.

Ellsworth (Indiana). He ran for the Senate and lost. The GOP took his open seat.

Oberstar (Minnesota). Defeated.

And finally, there’s Bart Stupak himself, who retired immediately after the passage of Obamacare last March amidst overwhelming outrage against him in his Michigan district, which the GOP won yesterday.

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