Media descend like wolves on Palin’s minor verbal slips, while covering up Obama’s far worse ones

Did you know that President Obama, when introducing his Supreme Court nominee Sonya Sotomayor to the nation earlier this year, said that the U.S. Constitution was written “more than twenty centuries ago”? I didn’t. Here’s the video. This gaffe and many others, such as the one in which Obama speaks of the “Austrian” language, are brought out by Sarah Palin in a satirical Facebook entry (see also Gateway Pundit) written in response to the media’s attack on her for her momentary slip in saying “North Korea” when she meant South Korea, even while they totally ignore Obama’s remarkable series of similar and much worse slips. Though the liberal media would like to destroy Palin, they just don’t seem to understand that the more they attack her, and the more unfairly they do so, the more they strengthen her.

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November 27

JC writes from Houston:

Anyone can make a slip of the tongue when speaking. More telling in my opinion is that she seems to say actually nothing substantive in response to the question. I’m afraid that she is a mirror image of Obama, an empty skirt so to speak. I think that were she in office, she’d be as clueless as Obama.

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