Has a solution become possible?

Up to this point, Iíve said that if Harriet Miersís nomination were withdrawn or defeated, President Bush in his animus against conservatives would still not appoint a genuine conservative, and might even (as Howard Sutherland suggested earlier today at VFR) appoint the conservativesí bÍte noire, Alberto Gonzales. But it appears now that thereís a way for this impasse to be resolved. From Bushís extravagant, unbelievable statement that he intends over time to remove every illegal alien from the country, we know that Bush wants to pacify his conservative supportersóhe may not like the things he must do to pacify them, but he does want to pacify them. Given that he is willing to take a stand on immigration so repugnant to his own preferences in order to accomplish that end, it also becomes possible that he will withdraw Miers and appoint a good judicial conservative in her stead.

But that raises another and more troubling question: would it be a good thing for Bush to make peace with the conservatives? The rebellion over Miers is the best thing to happen to the conservative movement in years, breaking their lapdog loyalty to a non-conservative president and raising the hope of a revival of a more serious conservatism. Do we really want the conservatives, now that they have finally awakened somewhat from their paralyzing fealty to Bush, to go back to sleep?

A reader writes:

You ask, ďWould it be a good thing for Bush to make peace with the conservatives?Ē I donít think he can quell the rebellion as the conservatives have finally realized that theyíve been burned and throwing them a bone isnít going to prevent them from scrutinizing his every move from this point forward. Bush canít win them back without becoming a true conservative, which he isnít going to do. Even if, miracle of miracles, he decided he wanted to, he couldnít pull it off as conservatism requires one to fight and Iíve never seen any fight in Bush. Maneuvering and positioning yes, fighting no. If he would nominate Mark Levin for the Supreme Court and then fight like hell for him we could talk reconciliation.

The Free Republic thread contained satire as biting as any Iíve seen since National Lampoon worked over Richard Nixon and we know which direction he was headed.

LA replies:

I think youíve summed up the situation perfectly.

But if there is this impasse, where do you see the present situation heading? What will happen next?

Reader replies:

I donít have an answer. How does Bush govern when he has been elected by a base that he doesnít respect and the base has become wise to the deception?

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