Liberals’ neutral non-judgmentalism toward mass murderers, and passionate condemnation of Tea Partiers

Richard W. writes:

You note that the story of the thwarted Muslim suicide bombings of the New York subway system “is reported by CNN with that same neutral affectless tone we expect from the responsible mainstream media when they are telling about jihadist mass killers.”

It is interesting to compare the tone of high dudgeon used when reporting on the Tea Party protest’s supposed use of the ‘n-word’, or the arrest of the bumbling militia members in Michigan.

The liberal press is much more terrified of an activist right than they are of Muslim terrorists.

LA replies:

Your description of the different treatment in the two cases is precisely correct. And it is in keeping with the three-character script that constitutes liberal society: white liberals generating absolute moral disgust and horror against white non-liberals for their (almost always falsely imagined) discriminatory attitudes toward nonwhites. The only two moral actors in this script are the white liberals, who are good, and the white non-liberals, who are evil. The nonwhites are not moral actors in the script. They are the passive, sacred objects around whom the moral drama between good whites and evil whites is played out.

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