“Youth” riots in France

Karen writes from England:

The riots have started in France again after another incident and note how in the Daily Mail there is no mention of the race of the rioters.

Richard F. writes:

I just finished watching a FoxNews segment on the overnight riots in Paris. The entire report never used the terms “Muslim” or “Arab” the entire time. Marvin Kalb was the obligatory talking head for Fox and couched all of his commentary in sympathetic terms about the French government not dealing adequately with the grievances of the “youths,” “rioters,” and “teenagers.”

A Google search of foreign press services yielded similar newsspeak. This was the best news link I could find. Still not an Arab or Muslim to be seen.

Well, even if the French themselves no longer care, I am still very grateful to Charles Martel for turning back that youth invasion of France in 732. If they had won, they would have forced all the French to become teenagers.

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Sage McLaughlin writes:

You had me laughing pretty hard with your comment that “they would have forced all the French to become teenagers.” Funny.

Seriously, though, when you read the circumstances that led up to this latest outpouring of “teenage angst,” and you read some of the comments being made by the local Muslims, it’s simply astounding that any sane people would allow this to go on. France is definitely, definitely cooked. The Church’s eldest daughter has married an abusive young man and can’t stop making excuses for him. Have to admit it to you, Larry—I’m really, really depressed about this lately.

Karen writes:

Reading this and this, do you think these two motorbike riders deliberately drove into the police car in order to get a pretext for this outburst of violence?

Hannon writes:

I noticed the Daily Mail article did provide the Arab-sounding name of the brother of one of those killed on the motorbike. One supposes they could have easily omitted this detail instead of allowing us to read between the lines based on this direct clue. What was more surprising I think is that in all of the 20 or so comments there was not one hint, not even obliquely, of consciousness that the problem falls along at least ethnic lines. These generic, mostly gutless comments were sent from France, UK, USA, Canada, etc. But we have no way of knowing what pithy comments may have been rejected by the Mail.

This lack of integrity in the media regarding clarification of ethnic/religious/race tensions seems to be based, in part, on the idea that we must not do anything that could possibly upset the looming triumph of globalism. These natural rifts in humanity will be de-emphasized or suppressed to the extent necessary to allow modern liberal governments, media and commerce to carry on unimpeded. Perhaps this is nothing new under the sun, but it makes me wonder to what extent does destruction have to set in before society awakens to the need for restoration of discipline and order. Is it only a matter of degree? Or are we possibly facing some permanent changes?

Jeanne A. writes:

Sage commented that this type of news has him depressed. I actually find a bit of hope in it, in that I think this is the only type of thing—large scale violence of this sort from these immigrants—that will possibly wake Europe up while it is still in a position to defend itself.

I read a comment in the Daily Mail article that blamed France because it has failed “to intergrate its large black and Arab population”. That brought forth a humorless laugh! These people cannot be integrated!! The sooner Europe—and especially England—realizes this, the sooner it can deal with the problem.

I do believe Europe will win this battle though. However, in doing so it will see in some parts of Europe open civil war, concentration-type camps again, and bloodshed to such a degree that it will prove Enoch Powell to have been a prophet. I can only hope America wakes up before it too travels Europe’s road.

The tragedy is that all of this would be completely preventable by simply heeding to the lessons of the past.

Sage McLaughlin replies:

In reply to Jeanne, it isn’t so much the riots themselves that cause me to despair,—though I still find little in the violence to comfort me either—but the French government’s response to them. Watching the French elite cringe and simper and call for restraint on the part of their own police forces in the face of armed Muslim aggression is more than I can take. I would take hope in all of this if the French authorities, under Sarkozy’s direction, were to crack down hard and unapologetically. But isn’t happening, and won’t.

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