The moral qualms of the right, the moral confidence and dominion of the left

On conservatives’ fear of being blamed for the events in Norway, Max P. asks:

Had this shooter been a Muslim, would the anti-Western left have been worried that the jig was up on their open borders agenda? Day after day crimes are committed by illegals and other protected minions of the anti-Western left, yet they never seem to recoil in fear that these events will hurt their agenda. Instead they become ever more entrenched in their beliefs and blame others for the disaster.

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Daniel S. writes:

Truth be told, the left and other enemies of our civilization will exploit anything to further their vile ends. But we have something that they don’t have and could never have, at least as long as they remain liberals: we have the Truth. I know that what I believe, what I stand for, what I fight for, is true and good by its very nature. Whether others believe it or accept it makes no different to whether it is true or not. As a Christian, I know that there is evil in the world, and that evil men come in every stripe, and even the best of men can be corrupted by sin. This Norwegian terrorist may have agreed with me on some things, but he is light years away from the Truth I strive to represent. We must stand firm upon the foundation of truth and goodness, no matter what lies our enemies tell about us.

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