Mannish females in hot pants

Laura Wood is all over the Olympics today. See her item on the Turkish columnist who has set off a firestorm by stating the obvious:

Broad-shouldered, flat-chested women with small hips; [they are] totally indistinguishable from men.

Their breasts — the symbol of womanhood, motherhood — flattened into stubs as they were seen as mere hindrances to speed.

Laura continues:

A man who dares to say what every normal person has been thinking when confronted with the muscle-bound female gladiators at the games and what soft, effeminate Western men would not dare articulate, Aytug has been attacked for his remarks throughout the Western world. He is tiresomely accused of misogyny. In fact, judging from these words, he is an admirer of women, a courageous defender of them. The Olympic Games are anti-woman. They require female athletes to ape men in grotesque ways. They compromise female fertility and modesty. They promote the idea that aggression and competitiveness in women are normal and healthy. They debase not just women athletes but womanhood throughout the world.

[end excerpt]

I would add that especially grotesque—and that is its purpose, to be as grotesque as possible, and thus normalize grotesqueness and destroy the idea of beauty and normalcy—is the combination of the female athletes’ flat, excessively muscular, extremely unfeminine bodies with the prostitutes’ hot pants they all wear. They’re anti-feminine and over-exposed at the same time. They’re “sexy,” and subversive of sex. Like your typical mannish U.S. elite woman with her blazer and daggerlike plunging neckline.

Or, taking the grotesqueness to a new level, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham: mannish, and with plunging neckline, and with a Christian cross hanging conspicuously on her absurdly overexposed chest.

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Karl D. writes:

You want to talk about mannish females!? Take a look at this photo from an article in the Daily Mail. Clash of the Amazons. Yikes. There is so much subtext in this one photo I could probably fill an entire page.

LA replies:

The photo Karl links is the photo of Michelle Obama in the next entry, just above this one.

James P. writes:

Mannish tattooed females in hot pants—what’s not to like? USA, USA, USA!

Check out the tramp stamp on the volleyball team here.

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