White man mobbed and stripped by blacks on an urban street—the full video record

Yesterday I linked a cell phone video of a young white man in a black neighborhood who, lying helpless on the ground, is beaten, robbed, and stripped of his clothing by a bunch of blacks, who make it clear that they regard the situation as entertaining in the extreme. However, the video did not include the beginning of the incident. Mark Richardson has found another cell phone video which shows how the attack started, and has posted it at Oz Conservative.

The later video (the one I linked yesterday) can be seen here at LiveLeak.

Viewing the two videos, we now understand the incident much better. At the beginning of the earlier video, the white man is just standing there on a black ghetto street, with, it seems, an innocent, spaced-out expression on his face and with no notion of the obvious danger he is in. Then some blacks start to gang up on him, and he walks away. As he walks away, a black punches him full force in the face and he goes down.

At the beginning of the later video, which I linked yesterday, we see, from a different angle, the white man walking (which we now understand is his escape attempt which is seen toward the end of the earlier video), and he suddenly goes down and the looting, beating, and stripping commence. In the later video, the punch that knocks him down is only partially seen.

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Buck writes:

I believe that in the first video, he isn’t just walking away to get out of obvious danger. He is pursuing the guy who took his car keys out of his hand. I’m sure he is saying something racist; like “Hey, give me back my keys.” That must be why the black turned and punched him.

Stewart G. writes:

I do not believe he was trying to escape in the new footage before being punched. It looks like something was taken from his pocket and he was walking towards the thief in an attempt to recover his property.

What I cannot believe is that he could not see peril he was in. Are people so brainwashed that they cannot even tell when they are being directly threatened?

LA replies:

As I said, at the beginning of the video he seems to be standing dreamily, with no apparent purpose, in the middle of this underclass black street scene, as if inviting the denizens to mug him.

BLS replies:

It is obvious. He was drunk, or drugged, on the beauty of diversity.

Perhaps he knows better now.

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