Twitter message from Trayvon’s brother suggests he was suspended from school for assaulting a bus driver

“yu ain’t tell me yu swung on a bus driver.”
— Stephen Martin, twitter message to his brother
Travyon, February 21, 2012

Recent photo of Trayvon Martin
posted by his brother

Kyle Rogers of the Charlotte Examiner, whose revealing article on the Martin-Zimmerman confrontation I quoted last week, has a new scoop. Previously Rogers had reported that Martin was in the midst of a five-day suspension from school at the time of the fatal incident. It turns out the suspension was for twice that length. Further, according to the Kansas City Star story that Rogers references, the suspension had been imposed the very day Martin got into his fight with George Zimmerman.

Trayvon Martin’s ten day suspension

A twitter message, allegedly sent by Trayvon’s older brother, suggests Trayvon was suspended for assaulting a bus driver.

Trayvon Martin was on a suspension from school when he was tragically shot last February 26th. His school, Dr. Micheal M. Krop Senior High School, has not given any details. His family has also evaded the issue. According to the Kansas City Star, the length of the suspension was ten days. This suggests a very serious offense.

If Trayvon Martin was suspended for a violent act, it would alter the public’s perception of the events surrounding his death.

Trayvon’s older brother, Stephen Martin, appears to have sent Trayvon a twitter message five days before the shooting that may explain the ten day suspension. The website has scrutinized the twitter messages sent by Trayvon’s older brother and his friends. says that Stephen Martin tweeted a message to Trayvon on February 21st that read “yu ain’t tell me yu swung on a bus driver.” Based on screen captures provided by, the message appears to be authentic. It was sent five days before the shooting, and raises a lot of speculation. Was Trayvon Martin suspended for ten days for assaulting a bus driver? [UPDATE, March 26: Kyle Rogers add this update to the story: “The Florida Sun-Sentinel reported today, March 26th, that Trayvon’s ten day suspension was related to marijuana. This, and a cryptic comment by his father that was quoted in the above Kansas City Star article, suggest he was caught smoking marijuana on school property.” If the Sun-Sentinel report is correct, what happens to the inference that Trayvon was suspended for hitting a bus driver, which his brother said he did? It could mean that Trayvon hit a bus driver, but that that wasn’t what he was suspended for.]

Stephen has also posted a newer picture of Trayvon both on twitter and on Facebook. It shows an older, more muscular Trayvon than what we have seen in the media. It also shows a large tattoo on Trayvon’s left arm.

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