If whites are not for themselves, who will be for them?

I just added this paragraph to the entry, “A paradigmatic black-on-white assault—update”:

Note the symmetrical use of “unconcerned” in the captions I’ve added to the above photos. James Addlesburger displayed no concern about the fact that he was approaching a group of obvious thugs, and the thugs had no concern about having slammed Addlesburger unconscious to the ground. As far as one can tell by their behavior and speech, white liberals are totally unconcerned about black anti-white savagery, and the black savages in their turn are totally unconcerned about the murders, maimings, and disfigurements they inflict on whites. Whites apparently place no value on themselves, so why should black thugs place any value on them?

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Paul Nachman writes:

Is this statement true, fundamentally? I understand that you’re using “no value” operationally, to describe consequences, but I look at liberals’ underlying drive or motive more as solipsism.

LA replies:

Liberalism means that the self is the highest thing, from which it follows that there is nothing higher than the self—no truth, no standard—by which various selves can be judged as being more worthy or less worthy than other selves. Therefore all selves are equal, and all groups of selves are equal. Therefore the actual differences between races cannot be acknowledged. If a certain race is clearly less competent, more disorderly, more prone to violence than your own race,—and especially if there is a history of that race being oppressed by your race—you cannot notice those racial differences, as that would make you a racist. Also, to care about your own race would make you a racist. So, if members of that other race are systematically and violently attacking members of your own race, including yourself and your loved ones, you must not see it—or, if you see it, you must not make anything of it. You must not be concerned. Practically speaking, when it comes to members of that other race attacking you and killing you, you must place no value on yourself.

Thus, as paradoxical as it sounds, white liberals’ nonjudgmental Eloi-like acceptance—massively documented at this site—of the ongoing black savagery against whites, an acceptance in which the liberals treat themselves and their lives as having no value, does not contradict liberals’ usual narcissism and solipsism, in which they treat themselves as having supreme value. It is a different expression of the same liberal denial of objective moral truth.

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