God keeps sending dramatically clear messages about the badness of liberalism, and liberals keep ignoring them.

I just came upon a February 2009 entry, “In the midst of liberal triumph, liberal idols keep being shattered,” and I think it’s worth reposting. Here it is:

Right in the middle of the global celebration of the man who said that we’re descended from apes and are not essentially different from apes, a Connecticut woman who had taken that lesson to heart lost control of her 200 pound enraged “pet” chimpanzee, which proceeded to bite off the hands and destroy the face of the woman’s friend.

Right in the middle of the biggest dhimmi outreach ever by a U.S. president to the Muslim world, a widely respected “moderate” U.S. Muslim in New York State who ran a TV station devoted to persuading Americans that Muslims are not extreme and dangerous, but are just like you and me, beheaded his wife.

Right in the middle of black America’s biggest sack dance ever, with the black U.S. attorney general telling white Americans in the arrogant words of a conqueror that they must do much, much more to acknowledge their racial guilt and must become much, much more open to blacks in their private lives and not just on the job, a white woman in Atlanta who had fully internalized that teaching let a 22 year old black man enter her apartment and he promptly bludgeoned her to death.

God keeps sending one horrible lesson after another, and the lessons keep getting more and more horrible, but man—liberal man—never gets it, because he’s too committed to his liberalism to see outside liberalism or imagine being different. How many lives must be destroyed by the liberal belief in equality, before liberalism dies?

There is a long discussion following the original entry.

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