Pinkerton contra Bush on borders

“[W]e might conclude that angry Muslims just don’t fit in very well here in the West,” writes James Pinkerton. He also says that reality dictates that President Bush will fail to pass his open-borders immigration scheme. He points to several recent events that reinforce this view: the arrest of dozens of home-grown terror suspects in Canada and Britain; the election of “fence-the-border” GOP candidate Brian Bilbray in a special House election in San Diego; and Tom Tancredo’s victory in a presidential straw poll in Michigan:

That’s right, an obscure backbencher from Colorado beat out all the big names, including Sens. John McCain, Bill Frist and Sam Brownback, all of whom voted with Bush on the pro-amnesty bill. McCain and the rest have cash and consultants, but Tancredo has something much better: a hot issue, a cause.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 14, 2006 12:58 AM | Send

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