The range of views on Islam permitted on the Mark Levin program

Roger G. writes:

The Mark Levin show tonight has a substitute host who is making the usual false distinction between Islam and “radical” Islam. I called up, got through, and told the screener that there is no such distinction. He said, “That is not true,” and hung up on me.

LA replies:

That’s a riot. The super hard line, angry-as-a-bull, right-wing Mark Levin program won’t allow such a view to be heard and rudely cuts off someone who tries to express it. Lord, what phonies these conservatives be!

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Roger G. replies:

I have heard Levin himself make the aforementioned false distinction many times. He does not understand Islam, and adheres to the “right-liberal” philosophy that you have often discussed.

I do share most of his views—e.g., his federalism, strict constructionism, and economic libertarianism—and I consider him to be a knowledgeable and brilliant commentator. Back in the spring, after McCain had secured the nomination, I called in and stated that I thought conservatives should treat both nominees as opponents, and concentrate our efforts on the federal, state, and local races. To my shock, he was vicious and abusive in his response (I was the last caller on April 9th; I believe all of the shows are archived at his site, but I won’t go there to look). Among his insults, he asked if I thought I was Karl Rove; I wish I had thought to ask if it was unacceptable to raise a political issue on a political show, but I am not a fast thinker. And it had never occurred to me that he would act this way toward a caller who was polite, and was trying to present what—to me—still seems to have been a legitimate topic for discussion.

Anyway, I then emailed him at his Landmark Legal Foundation, reminded him of the call, gave my full name and phone number, and asked for a time that we could meet. An employee wrote back saying that those wishing to duel Mr. Levin must contact him at the show website. I’ll be damned if I’ll go to that monkey house.

I would still like to speak with him face to face and ask for an explanation of his conduct. If I do get such a chance, I will also point out that he is a boor and jackass.

LA replies:

There was another incident, this past fall, when, after a monologue by Levin on his show about the finance crisis that made a very positive impression on me, he made replies to callers that were shockingly abusive and turned me off on him.

The VFR discussion of Levin’s appalling conduct is linked at this Google results page.

December 24

Spencer Warren writes:

Levin is a poster-boy for the worst of talk radio. He is very mean, abusive and vicious toward anyone who disagrees with him in the slightest, often hanging up with his favorite line, shouted in his shrill voice: “Get off the phone, you big dope.”

He likes to talk about the First Amendment, yet he blocks differing views as much as any dictator.

Further, outside of constitutional and legal issues, he knows no more than the average newspaper reader. His rants substitute for considered thought and facts.

I don’t understand why anyone would listen to him. He poisons public debate with hatred. He should not be on the air.

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