Wow—someone has the audacity to suggest that NATO actually do something useful

Italian interior minister and head of the immigration restrictionist Northern League Roberto Maroni has said that the Italian government will ask NATO to use its ships along the Libyan coast to stop Italy-bound refugee boats from leaving Libya.

Great idea. But what’s the chance NATO will comply with Italy’s request? After all, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization no longer exists for such a boring, mundane, and comprehensible purpose as defending the nations of the North Atlantic from external threats. Far from it. As seen in its Libya intervention, NATO now exists for the purpose of “spreading Islamic democracy,” which really means: it exists for the purpose of empowering Islamic jihad, a purpose that is also being facilitated by the onrush of African Muslim refugees into Europe. And that phenomenon has in turn been hugely exacerbated by the NATO intervention which has kept the Libyan civil war going for month after month, whereas in the absence of such intervention the civil war would long since have been resolved by the Libyans themselves and the refugee problem would have ended. So I think Italy’s NATO partners will tell Italy to take a leap.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 18, 2011 12:09 AM | Send

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