For the first time, conservatives are seeing the terrible truth about mass nonwhite immigration

For several decades, I and others have been calling attention to the fact that America’s post-1965 immigration was bringing in vast unassimilable populations that would change our country into a different country and destroy America as we have known it. It would be an understatement to say that these arguments got nowhere in the mainstream conservative movement. To put it simply, mainstream conservatives never saw any problem in mass non-Western immigration. They believed, on their basis of their universalist ideology, that all human beings on earth were basically like us or would instantly become like us once they were in America or if they were born in America, and that it was the height of moral wickedness to suggest otherwise. So they automatically dismissed the warnings contained in such writings as my 1990 booklet The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism.

But now, as a result of the calamitous 2012 election, something truly historic has occurred. For the first time, mainstream conservatives are seeing objective proof—proof that even they can understand and relate to—that immigration is drastically changing America, and in fact that it is destroying the America they believe in by consigning the country to a statist, socialist future.

The question is: will this new insight lead the conservatives to change their position on immigration? Or, more likely, following their usual dishonest and cowardly pattern, will they say—now that the policy which they once cheered and which they suppressed any dissent against has turned into a disaster—that it’s now too late to do anything about it and so we have to adjust?

Which leads to another question they should be asked: Now that they see that mass Hispanic and Asian immigration assures the defeat of conservatism and the permanent take-over of the country by leftism, if they could go back forty years (i.e. if they could go back to the time before it was supposedly too late), would they say, gosh, this non-discriminatory mass immigration from non-Western countries isn’t such a good idea?

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John McNeil writes:

This gives me hope that in the future American whites will unite. While no doubt that will only happen when we become a minority, at the very least it improves our chances for survival when we are no longer at each other’s throats.

I do wonder if a united white America would adhere to conservative principles or would it continue to cling to liberal delusions. I’ve thought about the scenario where liberals turn to some sort of American white nationalist philosophy on the grounds that diversity will lead to the death of liberalism’s utopian ideals, and they embrace nationalism much like how the Soviets turned to Russian nationalism when the Nazis tried to exterminate Russia. But I somehow doubt that liberals would be able to remove their anti-white blinders and see the truth. I think the only thing we can hope for is that in the process of the Third Worldization of America, liberalism will simply whither and die. Something of a consolation prize for losing control of the United States.

December 7

Derek C. writes:

You say mainstream conservatives are now “are seeing objective proof” of the damage caused by mass Third World immigration. Let me quibble a bit: they’ve always seen it. It’s been there in front of their noses. What’s new is that they can no longer rationalize it away with handwaving and counter-factuals. Their dishonesty—even to unto themselves—has been laid bare.

December 8

Jeremy G. writes:

They still don’t appreciate (or are still unwilling to publicize) the reality of profound innate differences in IQ and sensibility between the races. They only see America becoming more socialist. They don’t see Americans becoming a dumber, more impulsive, and more violent people. Any argument by mainstream conservatives that we need to reverse the flow of non-whites for the purpose of opposing socialism and helping the Republican party will only appeal to white conservatives. But white conservatives no longer have sufficient numbers to elect a president. If mainstream conservatives want to reverse the flow of non-whites, they will have to persuade large numbers of non-conservative whites to abandon support for leftist policies. This can only happen with a willingness to discuss differences between races to help non-conservative whites understand that we are not on our way to becoming a socialist country like Europe.

LA replies:

I don’t quite understand the your last sentence. Are you saying we are not on the way to becoming a socialist country?

Jeremy G. continues:
White liberals imagine that if they can only defeat the “racist” whites, America is going to turn into a well functioning socialist country just like France and Germany—where there is less of a gap between rich and poor, where society helps the less fortunate, where women are in more positions of power, etc. They rejoice at the growth of the non-white population because it finally allows them to bring about their dream of what they believe will be a more fair and well functioning society. But the left has never had to defend itself against race realist arguments because race realists have been effectively marginalized by mainstream conservatives. If mainstream conservatives would stop sidelining race realists, more whites would come to understand that the non-white America 2.0 is not going to be a well functioning socialist society. Whites would begin to oppose America 2.0 in more numbers and with more energy.

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