The latest victim of America’s human sacrifice cult

Last month I wrote that liberal society is founded on human sacrifice:

of whites to blacks (“Was Boy in K.C. Fire Attack a Victim of His School’s Racist Teaching?”); of men to women; of producers to parasites; of productive enterprises to the favored clients of Democrats; of taxpayers to public employees unions; of private institutions and churches to women who demand free birth control pills and to would-be “transgender” people who demand free sex change operations; of the best health care system in the world to the supposed urgent needs of the disadvantaged, which turn out to be the demand of women for free birth control pills and of “transgender” people for free sex change operations; of America to unassimilable immigrants; of our culture to other cultures; of the lives of our soldiers to diversity; of the Western world to Islam; of normality to liberated sodomy; of our national defense to the “rights” of women and homosexuals and to the demand that blacks be proportionately represented in every prestigious profession and sector of society. Everywhere we look, Democrats are requiring that officially designated “oppressor” and “privileged” groups unjustly sacrifice themselves to people who are unjustly demanding their goods, their well-being, their peace of mind, their freedom, their lives, their country.

And the current main victim of the human sacrifice cult that is liberalism is George Zimmerman. When you listen to Zimmerman’s attorneys describe his utterly isolated, crushed state, living somewhere in hiding, in fear for his life, not able to go out and buy a drink, you start to realize what liberalism does to its victims. Liberal America—like the thugees of 19th century India, but with infinitely more power and reach—is a murder cult. It dehumanizes and slaughters its victims, whether physically or psychologically. It thrives, it increases its energy and power, on their suffering and death.

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Ferg writes:

From what you have posted, I fear he will take his own life. What an
unmitigated nightmare.

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