Cicero says goodbye

Cicero has posted the below rather cryptic message at The Big Lie on Parade and also sent it to me for posting. I don’t find it satisfactory to the occasion, but it’s a heck of a lot better than doing what he did initially: deleting his blog without a word of farewell or explanation:

Dear Readers:

Due to several reasons, some of a personal nature, I have with a heavy heart decided to shut down the Big Lie on Parade. I wish to thank all my readers and people who have supported my efforts. Back in the Dark Ages there were a handful of monks who clung to barren windswept islands off the coasts of Scotland and Ireland. On these tiny islands, many would painstakingly make copies of the bible by hand, along with beautiful and intricate artworks depicting the gospels. Some of these books would come to be known as “The Book of Kells.” Very often however they would be raided by vikings who would loot, burn and kill some of those very monks. The books would then be spirited away to another location where another set of monks would pick up and continue the work. We few who dare to speak the truth in the blogosphere are in a sense, Neo-monks of these new dark ages. My sincere hope is that there are a few Neo-monks out their today who will continue where I have left off. Until they have to leave, and then on and on and on. They can even use the name “Big Lie on Parade” with my blessing. Good luck, tell the truth, and don’t let the big lie continue to go unnoticed.

All the Best,

- end of initial entry -

February 18

William R. writes:

This is an odd allegory for a man to tell as he burns his library.

I wonder about the sort of pressure he’s under. Otherwise, even if he weren’t able to continue updating the site, wouldn’t he leave its archives available?

LA replies:

He feels he’s under a lot of pressure. Still, I don’t like the way he handled it. It’s wrong, and terribly demoralizing to readers, to build a site for a year or two, a site consisting of important information on a forbidden topic, and then just eliminate it, eliminate all your work.

The purpose of pseudonyms is to protect yourself. He used a pseudonym. So why did he have to delete the site? If in today’s America people can’t publish un-PC material even under a false name, then the victory of liberal tyranny is complete. By eliminating his blog and all its contents he is sending the message that the victory of liberal tyranny is complete. No resistance is possible.

As for his odd analogy that you point out, the Dark Age monks in Ireland preserved the intellectual works of the ancient world from barbarian incursions. Cicero has destroyed the information he set out to catalogue.

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